Gears 5 launch maps trailer

7 new maps is fine by me. I’m sure we will be getting new ones very quickly after launch.

Of the new maps (excluding District and Training Grounds), Asylum and Icebound are the ones I want to play first. And I’m curious to see how big Bunker is.

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Frankly I had some minor issues with this in Halo Reach when many of the maps in the playlists were just forge creations. Now some can be rather creative in their layout, however, they severely lacked the appeal of a “handcrafted” map.

That and I don’t always trust game companies when they use the “make your own fun” design philosophy.

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Agreed, I love the look of some of these maps, and I rather they take their time if it means they’ll produce more maps like this, compared to some of their original Gears 4 maps.

I want more oldschool darker themed, overgrown, war-torn, swampy, and alien environments on maps also.


Ruins is a very underrated map. Have a lot of great memories with 1v1 sudden death battles on this (that I mostly lost because I wasn’t very good in '09).

Would like to see a remake of this map, I think it would work well in Gears 5.


Yeah, I mean if I’m paying full price for a game then I like to think in an unspoken way, that part of this transaction involves the developers putting the work in to make it fun rather than me…


It’s a fine map but did have two huge flaws. One was two sets of nades and frag plants were crazy OP in GoW2. The need to watch out for frag plants realllllly slowed games down. The other was that there weren’t enough lines of sight. You could just hide out forever and corner camp and that was annoying. Overall I think it was about a B because it was still an overall good map.

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I am glad they decided to launch all original maps. I am positive we will see old maps come back without a doubt. But if TC want to gain my interest I want them to show me they can design their own maps. Most of these look pretty interesting. The standout one to me being exhibit, which looks like a blast. Still not getting this at launch, but I’d be lying if I said I am not paying attention to what is happening with this game.

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I agree with you on TC launching Gears 5 with brand new maps. I love classic maps as much as anyone, but when your new game has more or as much old maps as new ones like GOW 4 had then somethings not right. Specially when TC reskined maps in GOW 4 that were new to that game and released it on that game, instead of releasing them in the next game like every other GOW did.

Anyways, Exhibit does look good, but it’s not a new concept for a map in GOW since GOW Judgment had a map called Museum, which is basically what the map Exhibit is in terms of concept. Of course in Gears 5 Exhibit will be more detailed and have the lasers, so an upgrade.

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Why wouldnt you get the Gamepass Ultimate for $1 and play at launch???

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Because he chooses not to…I thought everyone had a mind of their own.

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Thats always cool Bacon…oh wait was I talking to you Stealth???. NOPE. So thanks for chiming in

Don’t act like you don’t do the same on other threads buddy :wink: plus it’s a public forum.

Theres a difference between jumping I’m someone’s general question on a thread and jumping in on a personal question that you dont have an answer to just be a troll

Except that wasn’t even close to trolling :wink:

Dude just stop. Dont respond to my post. I wont respond to you. You get butt hurt to easily for me to keep it up with you

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Except that I wasn’t even angry to begin with, but based on your earlier post it sure as hell looked like you were the angry one lol :laughing:

Never said you were angry I said you get butt hurt easily.

I was never angry. I wanted to know what bush I was beating around as you kept saying. Just proves my point from the other post that you dont know me and you dont know what your talking about. So this will be my last response to you as I dont want to derail another thread talking to someone who either doesnt know what they are talking about or are just trolling because they get butt hurt easily

I thought you said you weren’t gonna respond anymore after that post, couldn’t resist having the last word huh? :rofl: Also “butthurt” is just another way of saying someone is angry/annoyed but ok sure buddy :ok_hand:

Cause I have no desire to spend a dollar on a subscription. To play a game for a month and cancel it. Plus game pass doesn’t interest me in the first place.


I was just wondering why lol. From your post I thought you would wanna try the game. I mean I dunno if you know but for $1 you can get ultimate game pass for the remainder of your gold subscription. So for example if you have a year of gold left then you can turn that into a year of gamepass.

Just thought it would be a good chance to play the game for awhile. Also yea Gamepass isnt that great right now but it will be soon enough with all the developers Microsoft has been picking up over the last few years