Gears 5 launch maps trailer

Yea, I hope they allow us to use as many tiles as possible for VS/Horde, as in the Esports Gears 4 map tiles, Escape tiles, and even as many of the Campaign tiles they can bring over. There’s surely gonna be lots of areas in Campaign that have full tilesets of large environments that are different from any of the VS map tiles.

I’d like for them to make use of as much as possible to open up the potential for more unique custom maps. Even allowing us to mix and match tileset types wherever possible would be cool too. It could lead to some sloppy creations, but people that know what they’re doing could blend things together nicely and make full use of it.

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I am surprised we do not have one or two legacy maps at launch. The maps we do get look good for the most part.

7 for vrs will get old fairly soon I would think though. Maybe first maps/map packs will be a couple of months post launch.

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I just hope it doesnt end up like Judgment with how the maps came out

Though they don’t want to get themselves locked in a corner by promising 2 maps/mo, I doubt it’ll take that long. They should be able to do atleast 1/mo, they’ll want to hurry and get a few more in off the bat with the launch being so low for VS/Horde.

Gears 4 launched Oct 11, and had 2 maps added Nov 1. I can see them doing 1/mo guaranteed, and possible 2/mo every now and then. I say we’ll have 10+ VS maps by the end of the year.


Asylum and Exibit looks amazing …
Vascar is like destroyed beauty …

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They did mention they’ll be releasing new tilesets for Escape so hopefully that will also be true for horde and versus maps.
Tilesets might be a bit lite at the start but eventually we could end up with a pretty robust map builder.

It would have been great to see 10 new maps and 10 CLASSIC maps at launch that would have been awesome but ho well it is what it is, I guess beggars cant be choosers.


The Guantlet? Are Swarm Leeches like bats and the ground is covered with their droppings?

So if bat poop is called guano, then swarm poop is swuano?


Only 7 multiplayer maps…what the hell… something tells me that the ones they release afterwards are going to be poorly made ones with the map builder.

Maybe it’s not a right place, but price in steam for russia has changed.
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I’m very disappointed right now. Microsoft where is regional price for console version?
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Here is some very short gameplay on the Icebound map

It seems some of the old maps, such as Forge, Harbor, Foundation, Reclaimed and Dam are included at Launch next to the new ones.

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Dam is welcome. Rest are poop.

I’m really thinking the maps are going to be poorly designed and used straight from map builder…aka halo 5 style maps. Which would really really suck. But this makes sense as to how they won’t have a season pass or paid for maps in the game. They won’t have to. They’ll just use the map builder or make us make the maps and feature them…

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I think it is highly likely they have already made several other maps including some legacy ones.

It would have been nice to have been told a figure though. I want the same sort of rosta as Gears 2 and 3. We were spoiled with maps there.

To be honest I would have been happier if we would have had a season pass with a road map attached.

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I don’t have any issues with the older maps. Just as long as they add new ones. I am optimistic about the new maps. The trailer doesn’t reveal a lot about the layout. But the atmosphere is thrilling

Gridlock had run its course. Was never a great map to begin with imo.


7 maps is far too low. 9-10 should be ideal for launch.

That’s gonna get old REAL quick. And I love the idea of forging my own maps but if it’s got a small tile set, seeing and playing in them and using them as a substitute for QUALITY maps is going to stagnate.

I think Operations might be tied to Tour of Duty, or similar. Hmm, gotta hear more on this, wonder if that means some people can miss out on some of the tiles if they don’t complete whatever objectives?

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This is exactly what I am having images of. I really hope this isn’t the case although I admit it’s jumping the gun a bit. I just hope it doesn’t go that way.

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Why do you think that new maps suck?