Gears 5 launch maps trailer

Gears 5 - Launch Maps Trailer from r/GearsOfWar

Meant to have the trailer directly embeded in this post but I don’t know how this fancy internet stuff works. lol


Rest In Peace: Gridlock (2006-2019)

Press F in the chat, boys. We lost a true OG.


Its nice to see some new maps but I was hoping for some classic maps too. Hopefully some creative gamers can remake River when the map maker becomes available for versus/horde maps.

It’s also been said that we’ll be able to create our own VS and Horde maps . ( 3:15 )

That’s awesome, though I hope they’ll add some old maps too

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Thank GOD. So tired of that map. Hopefully we get some remakes that havent appeared yet


Not totally keen on 7 multiplayer maps + 4 escape considering I don’t think I’ll play escape much, but at least the multiplayer maps have a lot of variety to them. Hope to see Jacinto in the future.

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I think they are all cool.

Nighttime biofield? Not sure if the name is right, but man what an awesome feel.

I can smell the Gears 2 and 3 vibes mixed with a touch of 4. Then a pinch of 5’s newness.

Only 7 maps for the verses is… strange.


Personal opinion…we will see remakes really soon there after.

Seriously doubt it won’t be back at some point.

Create your own vs maps is noice.
But its in the “future” so that could be a month or a year from now.
It would probably work the same way in other games where you can make your own maps you can play them all in a private game and the “TC approved” could be in normal games.

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Yeah probably. I hope they’re good though, not just recoloured

I also hope the quality doesn’t drop for the maps TC makes since they’re free and you can now make your own community maps.

Halo 5 did that and all the maps looked awful.

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Yep, seems kind of light on lauch maps. Hopefully it won’t take them long to add more maps and also implement the map maker for horde/versus maps.

Seems like the map maker will need to be more robust than it is for what we’ve seen of escape maps if they expect us to be able to make competent maps for those modes.

I’m hoping they add more depth to the map creator for verses maps. Going to need it if we’re going to recreate Gridlock!

Never forget the legend!


Seems like the map creator will need to be more robust than it looks for the escape maps we’ve seen made.

Its fine for that mode which seems to be contained indoors but I’d like to be able to create some epic outdoor horde maps eventually.

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The same metal interiors will get tiring eventually. I hope to see at least a fraction of GoW1 PCs map creator depth. Nothing too grand so that it loses itself like Forge but enough to create unique maps with variety and choice.


At least some of these new maps get away from the shiny metal map tiles and actually have more overgrown and broken down, worn environments. That was a big issue of mine with Gears 4. I want more like that, and more alien environments.


Agreed, hopefully thats a sign of a tonal shift in the aesthetics of future maps compared to Gears 4.

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No. Tired of every gears being a recycled gears

I can see where you’re coming from. We don’t need to be overloaded with old maps but there are still some great maps that we haven’t seen more than once. River comes to mind, which was a personal favorite of mine for horde mode in Gears 2.