Gears 5 last act (spoilers)

I wonder how Gears 6 story will go after Gears 5 ending.

Cause you get a choice of who lives and who dies JD or Del will they make it so you choose from the start of 6 or just go with who they chose to be dead.


Kinda like saints row the third has a cannon and non cannon ending


True but don’t forget to use spoiler just in case someone reads your reply and it ruins the ending.

I’m trying, but I can’t use it on mobile. I’mma just head out.

Although I don’t see how it’s our fault when the title clearly says (Spoilers).

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I honestly hope we get the “spare JD” choice as the canon one. Honestly it’d be pointless to be kill JD off especially since he actually had character development. Nothing against Del personally, though I do feel as though if the story was told better we shouldn’t really even need this chioce anuway.


Cheapest chliché ending I have ever seen and the boss fight was a complete joke, laughably easy.

Feel the same.

I mean the Brumak in Gears 2 was probably the worst ending boss in the Gears series

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It was unique, and the voice acting was superb and there is a chance you die on insane, whereas with this ending no way, complete joke.

Still a chliché boss i think

Wait insane has a diffrent ending?

No there’s a chance you die.

Honestly, I’m disappointed in the campaign. Not only was it short as h*ll but it had no depth to it. You literally just spend most of the game trying to bring the hammer of dawn back online. Only to have used it shortly before the beacons get destroyed and then boss fight/ cheesy cliff hanger. We already knew that Kait was queen Myrrah’s granddaughter after the ending of fourth one, so that wasn’t a shocker -_-. @TC_Octus That the best you can do?

P.S. I’ll be patiently waiting for that inevitable 12-25Gb update coming soon. Ya know, the one thats going to fix campaign tracking issues and server disconnects, because you couldn’t get it right the first time lol.

Yup always has some big ■■■ update.

No, lol. I wanted to say in Gears 2 you could die during final boss fight (as in die, respawn, re-do). Here in Gears 5 the final boss is so easy you can beat it without dying.

Yeah i hear you loved gears 1 2 3 heck the brumack in gears 1 is harder the one that only pc players got till the xbox one version.

Well they just insured that Jd or Del will NEVER be the protagonists of another Gears game


Just Terrific

its bad but i expected them to botch it. del is ok but he’s not lead character material.
as for the entire series, imo they all have “bad” endings which is fine because it helps set the constant feeling of impending doom.