Gears 5 lack of customization

Hi i watched the horde trailer recently and i noticed that its now based on heroes instead of classes. Also while playing the arcade mode on the beta i noticed that its also based on picking a hero instead of a class. I just want to know whats the reasoning behind this. I feel like it would be much better to pick whatever character you want to and then pick a class. It currently feels like a step back in terms of customization . Also does anyone know if arcade is the only social mode? If so i really can’t see myself playing this game for too long. Gears has been my favorite franchise since 06 and i just feel really worried after playing that beta.

Arcade seems to just be an additional way of playing, separate from the other Versus modes. So you could have Arcade Deathmatch, KOTH, etc., presumably alongside Social and Ranked.

As for Horde, there’s already been plenty of discussion about it but that’s not the worst part… the worst part is that, quite simply, TC thought that apparently it was a genius idea to restrict “heroes” to one per player in a match so you can’t even have a duplicate like you used to in Gears 4.

Oh wow i didnt even know that part about duplicate heroes. Thats crazy. This what i mean though it just seems like a total step backwards. Only thing thats looking decent to me is the campaign at the moment.

Same. Hardly feel any excitement(not that there was much to begin with after learning about the character locked hero stuff) for Horde anymore, and I’m not really a Versus guy. Campaign is pretty much the only saving grace for the game for me, right now, so to speak. Nothing else keeping me wanting to play it at release.

In a way, customization is bigger than ever. Besides different weapon and character skins we’ll get a variation of different taunts, executions and other stuff. It’s just that the locking of characters in Horde is a massive let down.
Although that bugs me, what worries me more is the perk system to increase your skills by upgrading it by power during the game. It feels like a massive selfish-ego system to me, with people unwilling to donate to the fabricator for base construction. I hope they’ve thought really well about this…

And I wonder if any newly released character will be included in Horde. Otherwise there’s little to no point for Horde/Escape players to get them if they’re locked in Versus.

Limiting to one hero type per match doesn’t bother me at all. It’s actually quite common in hero games. Any moba, for example. You don’t really want five jackbots flying around.

That said, I am a little concerned that people will be like "I only play as X character and quit when they don’t get their character.

Only concerned with people who are upset about the change but not the change itself?


I’m not quite sure this answers what you’re asking but my only concern with no duplicates is you will get Marcus mains or Kait mains and those people will quit if someone else takes their character. The only other hero game I play is Smite and there were people who would absolutely quit if they didn’t get their desired role, or if they were stuck with the role they didn’t want to play. It wasn’t such a huge deal that it had a negative impact on the whole experience, but it happened, and when it happened it was annoying. But Smite is a moba and people generally accept that they may not get their role or character in that kind of game. I’m concerned that GoW players will not be as patient.

That is something which is likely going to happen, though. Especially if character selection at launch is as limited as it appears to be.

Gears is not a moba though. And just because it doesn’t bother you doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother most of the other people who have spoken out against this change. Horde isn’t even a PvP environment and with the omission of Scout/engi being a necessity for Horde matches, you can’t say it is for player recognition - Gears 4 worked completely fine when having more than one class because there was the scoreboard you could show to see who’s who, and remember the tag of the player(s) and which class they are.

I see absolutely no reason for this in Gears 5, to lock a character once someone has already picked that one. All it does is take away from player creativity on team builds. Yes, you don’t really want 5 Jacks flying around… but why couldn’t you have, say, multiples of Fahz or JD, or Kait?

And people may be better at certain roles or be terrible with another. If I got stuck with a role I knew I was bad at, I would be much more inclined to just not stay in the match when there is nothing to stop me from leaving.

I actually think its great that the engineer will have less power for fortifications.

Gears 4 horde was too dependent on engineers/scouts. Basically if you didn’t have them or one quit than it was pointless to continue the match and then there was the obvious problem of sentry spam or issues with non-scouts picking up power that ruined the fun.

These changes are a step in the right direction.

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That’s fine. I’m not saying those people are wrong. I’m just saying I think I get why TC made the call they did. I could be wrong, I have no idea.

I have a lot of thoughts in response to fears not being a moba. Which, it isn’t, obviously, and I don’t think they should necessarily be treated the same. The short version of my long horde thought though is that I think TC has a specific vision for the present and future of horde and they decided that they either needed to make radical changes to the mode or watch it die. There were clear issues with horde in GoW4 and they’re trying to address those. Some of their ideas will work, others won’t, time will tell, but Ryan Cleven has even said in interviews their big challenge is how do you keep horde players engaged for three hours. It’s an important question for them to address and this is how they’re doing it. Again they could be wrong but personally I’m waiting to get my hands on it before I decide.

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I partially agree with you. Yes, playing without a Scout or Engineer is a pain in Gears 4, they seem to have countered that in Gears 5. Energy can also be used more efficient, rather than having it piled up and not knowing where to spend it on. But I doubt the footage that we’ve seen is on Insane. Even if you’re less dependable of a base, you still need one. From what I’ve seen in the footage so far, the base was easily overrun. So you’ll need energy. I can already tell that I won’t fancy the people who keep hoarding the energy for themselves.

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The only sense I can make of it is that they did it to sell more skins. Not a single fan wants to be limited in what character they can choose. TC didn’t make this decision for our benefit.

I wouldn’t think TC does literally anything for our benefit. although it kind of sucks that they would completely ruin horde mode just for their greed or whatever other stupid reason

In general, characters are unlocked rather than bought right? Excluding stuff like Black Steel.

Black Steel hasnt been confirmed yet. What was said was there will be skins only obtainable through purchase

That could be an issue on the higher difficulties but then it will feel more like Gears 2 horde where boom shields and your guns were your only defenses.

We’ll have to see how the new difficulty system impacts this. With 8 difficulty levels I assume you’ll need to equip all 7 modifiers to be on the hardest difficulty so that could turn out to be a real challenge.

Seems likely they’ll continue with Black Steel or something similar though? People will rage if for example Tai is only obtainable via purchase.

I dont think they’ll make certain characters paid only just variants

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That would explain those energy generating machines, getting enough of it could perhaps be quite a challenge on Insane.