Gears 5 Killcam Footage [OFFICIAL]

Alright, by now most of you will have seen this but I’m curious what you think.

I don’t think it’s a problem but I can foresee it being horribly inconsistent and an entirely different situation than the one you experienced (especially when combatting high ping players such as our beloved friends from the South :mexico: ).

Ah, I can see it now! Myself wallbouncing, completely evading and getting a point blank shot only to suddenly die by unknown sources. I then see the killcam and watch myself standing perfectly still, not even blinking, and the enemy to slowly aim at my head and fire. I’ve always wanted to capture this fine footage.


Well now we’ll have footage from both sides to post here. We’ll see if TC will listen this time around


This is actually one of the only CODish aspects that is actually decent


So when i get headshotted by the embar way the eff after i got back down in cover it will just show their view and i will not have been back in cover on their screen…


In an effort to be helpful and seek answers, I posted a lot of clear examples of sponging, getting shot when I’m behind the enemy, damage figures not making sense, etc in Gears 4 and they never responded to any of them.
Hate to be skeptical but I’m not sure what would change this time around.


Both the examples in that video are kinda janky looking, the one with the Claw LMG especially since it shows the enemy player shooting the air where the other player once was and having blood come out. Doesn’t inspire confidence that these are going to be reliable or accurate.


My thoughts exactly.

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Hate kill cams. But at least we can skip it here, hopefully there’s an option to disable it.

Don’t really think it adds much to the game to be honest… It does help as evidence against aimbots.


I don’t think this will help. In 99% of situations it will only anger people, especially those on higher pings.

Good for identifying the anomalies and aimbotters, and that’s about it.

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Watches guy teleporting all over*

Killcam: is playing perfectly .



Oh it’s going to be so much fun :joy:

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Well, Artillery is back as a map. Joy.

Are you saying the map in the video is an artillery remake?

I think this will be a good feature, but the point you’ve brought up can only be seen once the game is released I guess :zipper_mouth_face:

What makes you think this is Artillery? Which section of the map? This barely resembled Artillery to me. Not enough detail of obvious locations.

unless they dont have anymore ping/connection problems anymore.

They can swap textures to change the feel but the layout has to be at least inspired by it if it’s not a remake. They changed/removed elements of previous maps so it’s not unheard of for things to not be identical. (i.e. main rotor blades that stick into the ground were missing from the crashed KR on Raven Down)

It could be the case of Glory and Thrashball, both being different maps but similar layout. Even Blood Drive for Judgment and Raven Down in 4 had extra accessible areas to confuse even more. But I’m not quite convinced, based on the walls and covers.

Raven Down had those extra areas in KOTH and Horde in Gears3 as well. I remember shooting that annoying snowman too.

Glory/Thrashball are the same layout (with spacing tweaks) but it’s the Gears3 Beta version of Thrashball without the center exit from spawn.