Gears 5 kicked out idling

I got problems playing versus each time I try to play it says “waiting on player” than after a while I kicked out of idling.

This is not playable :hot_face:

It sounds like you are lagging out of the game before it starts then getting kicked out because the game thinks your in the match but just standing in the spawn.

How far from the south central North American server are you? This server is where 90% of the games on the North American contenant are played.

Is your internet stable? Does your ping time change by alot every few seconds? Are you trying to stream a video or download something when you try to play?

If your internet is not extremely stable then you have to make sure that the only thing you do is play the game. No downloading, video watching or internet browsing when you try and play.

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That’s probably not what he’s talking about.

@CyberZorro were you playing Arcade?

Yes HerrKatzchen,

Problem is that I play one match and then it hangs.
No playing nothing.
Checked the internet connection everthings fine

One thing is the problem. I own a Xbox one X. It’s not the newes.

Sorry for the late reaction

Greetings cyberzorro