Gears 5 kb/m support

(Omen LP) #21

I’m going to assume (hope?) that xbox players using a mouse & keyboard will simply be treated like PC players, for crossplay purposes… I have zero problem with this, and I will mostly likely try it out, to see what’s it like… It’s not like I wall bounce like crazy anyway, so the lower movement won’t be a problem, but increased control over aiming might be a real benefit…

(Noble Guardian) #22

It’s in the hands of developers as Phil Spencer said…

(Puntite) #23

Considering you named modded controllers as an example of different game settings I’d have to assume you were drawing a parallel between them even though modded controllers are a punishable offense. I dont believe there is that much of a difference between a scuf and regular controller, considering I use them both. I get it though, youre a pc player thats a little salty because the playerbase is almost non existent for you. Geez, wonder why. Surely not because the computer symbol next to your name indicates youre using a kb/m? Im done here aswell

@Noble_Guardian yes thats why I thought it was a good idea to adress this not only on reddit but also on gears’ forum

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Please, don’t assume anything because you are heavily wide off the mark and you are only making yourself look silly.

I have actually owned every major console & handheld since the SNES, as well as having a gaming PC over the years.

Currently, of the 1,786 KOTH matches I have played, about 98-99% of these have been on Xbox.

I’m disappointed about the low PC playerbase because this game runs so much better on PC but salty? No, not really as if I can’t find matches I can always boot up my Xbox One X and play the inferior version :+1:

Again, I’ve already stated right at the start that I use an Elite Controller, even on PC, and will continue to do so as I dislike using the Keyboard for Gears.

(Puntite) #25

You dont have to prove yourself to me? Im just a random gears player with who you seem to half-agree as it seems. Youre saying kb/m support isnt that big of a deal, I say it is if you cant opt-out. Then why continue arguing? Surely there is an ulterior motive? Even you yourself distance yourself from kb/m it seems.

(Noble Guardian) #26

I’d like you guys to address that in Developer’s stream rather than getting this topic into a war front. :slight_smile:


(III EnVii III) #27

I’m making the point that I welcome MK support and different ways for people to play the game and that there’s nothing to actually be worried about and that I find it so amusing you are already scared about this potential feature in a game that’s almost a year from release :+1:

(Puntite) #28

Like I said before, as it stand now its almost 200 people disagreeing with you. Its safe to assume that every gears player that has crossplay turned off right now are not going to like this.

(III EnVii III) #29

So about 200 people are scared of people using a Mouse and Keyboard in Gears against them?


(III EnVii III) #31

I was going to ask you and those 200 like minded people scared over on Reddit the same thing.

All in all, I couldn’t care less what people use.

Will a toggle work?

Maybe not as currently you can switch between Controller and Keyboard in Gears continuously. How it would lock down to one for a duration of the match would be interesting to see implemented.

But either way, on this topic, I don’t care …

(Puntite) #32

y e s a toggle would work, good thing we got that cleared. Also, the keyboard is only for global chat not the game itself

(xFribbo) #33

Not taking sides or anything but the way you discussed this topic, you’re acting like you’ve been on playing PC since launch. When it’s only been a few weeks.

(III EnVii III) #34

Again, someone else who doesn’t know what they are talking about and deciding to spout some rubbish.

I have been on Gears PC since the first 1 and have also had Gears 4 PC since launch.

I was playing it a decent amount between the two and then stopped when the crashing happened.

Came back to it when I found a driver that worked.

Then stopped over the summer.

And now when I got my new GPU and Screen,

I’ve come back once again.

But make no mistake, I’ve owned all the Gears PC games and they have always been the best versions.

Jeez people need to get their fact straights and stop acting like they already know more about your history than you do …

(EVIL 0NE) #35

Alright guys…

This has discussion has turned into a one-sided discussion, and it seems it’s not going anywhere. I suggest waiting closer to launch, and ask the developers about this when they’re open to answering questions about Gears 5. At this time it’s too early for them to go into details, and I am sure will be happy to share when it’s the right time to share.

Let’s try to keep discussions follow by the Guidelines set for this board. Will be closing this at this time and would be happy to see this discussed once we know what is going to happen with K/M support, and have an official answer by the developers.

Thank you.

(xFribbo) #36

:joy: it’s no big deal.

(EVIL 0NE) #37