Gears 5 kb/m support

(Puntite) #1

Microsoft is going to add kb/m support in gears 5. I dont mind this happening if it means we are able to filter those players out just like you can turn off crossplay in gears 4. Any thoughts on this?

(NiszczycielM) #2

It’ll be much more diamond players on xbox :confused:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #3

I wish people who think M&keys make Gears so easy would try it themselves. It’s not like on other games, there are a lot of compromises. Movement is everything in Gears and you just can’t move the same without a controller. People talk about unlimited sensitivity… sure… but you will miss your shots just like on controller. My movement still isn’t near what it was on Xbox. Nor are my snipes.

It’s like I tell my teammates, don’t be mentally defeated by people using a mouse. Know their weaknesses and use it to defeat them. And, on Gears, they definitely have weaknesses.

(III EnVii III) #4

Agreed. Movement not the same with Keyboard with the benefit being better precision.

Doesn’t mean you will all of a sudden become unreal by switching as it might not be possible to switch if your too used to controller.

(Puntite) #5

That is not the reason why I think its best to be able to filter them out. If I wanted to play with kb/m I would use my laptop, but I bought a console because I wanted to game on a console. Pc gaming in general is riddled with stuff like mods etc

(III EnVii III) #6

Filter what out?

This is MK support for Xbox/Console Players…

(Puntite) #7

No its kb/m support for certain games, gears 5 being one of them. Filter them out like how I turned off crossplay, it would be nice if there would be an option to turn off kb/m matchmaking

(III EnVii III) #8

If you want to continue making the playerbase smaller for yourself then no problem.

I for one have no issues facing MK or controller users, heck you could be using Cortana/Alexa/Siri for all I care …

(Puntite) #9

Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I found this post on r/gearsofwar and not too many people seem to be sharing your opinion. Guess I’ll have to see when gears 5 comes out, I wont be missing out on any money because game pass

(III EnVii III) #10

Agree to disagree on what?

If you want MK Crossplay Toggle - no problem, I’m sure the Controller players will far outweigh the MK players anyway.

I don’t have an issue with that - it’s just having a fear of a different type of control scheme doesn’t add up in Gears.

As for me, I’ll be playing 5 on PC anyway so doesn’t really make a difference because I already come up against Controller and MK players.

(Puntite) #11

It is not a fear. The reason I bought this X is because I want to game on a console and have competitive games on a console. A shockingly high number of “console plebs” like me are ok with it as long as you get an option to opt out of kb/m matches. Its not like pretty much everyone turned off crossplay just for jokes.

Agree to disagree on the fact that competitive games need to have a balanced playing field. How is a game competitive when some players are not playing on the same settings?

(Ektope) #12

I would only get Gears 5 on Xbox One X. Not on PC, because of all the problems I’ve read about. Including rolling back drivers, crashing and all that. It’ll probably be much easier and smoother to play Gears 5 on console rather than PC. And I probably won’t be getting it for PC anyway. If I wanted to try out mouse and keyboard, then trying it on Xbox One X would be great. Plus, I tend to use global text chat pretty often. So I wouldn’t have to switch between my controller and keyboard too much. I have one keyboard for computer and could get a new one for console. Playing Sniper in Horde mode could be pretty easier with mouse as well, and won’t have to move around much.

(III EnVii III) #13

What about Elite Controllers v Standard Controllers?

What about modded controllers?

You can’t really have a fully competitive match online.

Even differences in TVs and displays makes a big difference. As does location and ping.

(III EnVii III) #14

The issues are now non-existent on the RTX cards and I firmly believe the problems will be left behind on the 900/1000 Series cards.

By the time Gears 5 rolls round, it will be close to Christmas so why not treat yourself to a new RTX card?

144 Hz is just to good to give up and go back to the delayed 60 Hz One X version.

(Puntite) #15

Controllers are controllers, and if youre using a tv from the year 2010 then frame rates would be an issue, then again, who would buy an X with an ancient tv? Dude, trust me when I say there are literally a 100+ replies on reddit saying they are against it. The reasons I stated are legit for any console player to fear the future of competitive gaming in gears 5. Want the link to the reddit post?

@Ektope I havent heard of any problems about gears 5, this is the first bit of news I saw after the extended trailer. I always have a keyboard plugged in to use in global chat. I dont mind when its horde or whatever, I just dont want to be forced to play with kb/m players in gears 5 mp modes.

(III EnVii III) #16

So a rapid fire modded Controller is the same as a standard controller?

Even playing field?


Elite Controllers let you modify all sorts and these do not make it fair for everyone.

Im not talking about Frame Rate.

I’m talking about Input Lag & Response Times.

The average consumer will not what the lag is on their TV.

But this makes such a big difference anyway.

My point is, playing online can only be “competitive“ to a degree.

Have I said you are lying?

Have I disagreed that there shouldn’t be a toggle?

I just find it funny that there are so many variables to even declare and online game “competitive” and that MK support and playing Controller v Keyboard isn’t even a big issue.

I’m sure there are people who have already played Gears 5 and confirmed this is an issue though…

(Puntite) #17

Controller mods are against MS policy and I really detest them, like REALLY detest then. The moment I got to know of their existence my whole faith in online gaming was gone for quite some time. Also, I dont see why you are trying to argue if you agree with me. Is the point you are trying to make that kb/m vs controller on gears isnt that big of a deal?

P.s nice factors you weigh in as to how competitjve gaming can get affected by external influences. You want to add to that list by pairing up controller and kb/m multiplayer settings?

(III EnVii III) #18

Yes but sadly they exist and what can you do against it?


How about everyone being able to change their controller settings?

Good / bad internet?

Quitting matches?

Lagging out?

Going AFK?

Yeah, real competitive :+1:

In the grand scheme of things, playing against MK users is just minor difference and I welcome people to use their preferred method of playing.

I want to play the best and not handicapped …

(Puntite) #19

You forgot the part where I said: you want to add to that list? Cause that kb/m support is basically just another one of those factors influencing comp games. Why would an AAA title deliberately put in options that stagnate instead of progress? Im assuming there will be an option to turn it off, if not I wont be losing any money because again, game pass.

“Yes and sadly they exist what can u do about it” is it safe for me to draw to the conclusion that you think kb/m is cheating then? Cause youre trying to make a link between modded controllers and kb/m? That gave me a headache.

(III EnVii III) #20

Wait, what?

You want Controller v Controller and I said that isn’t fair because there are variations of Controllers.

Not linking Modded Controllers with MK.

I think I’m done with this discussion,

I don’t think it deserves the massive reaction you are giving out at the moment.