Gears 5 Kait Diaz statue from And more from F4F!

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Hi everyone! I need your help on facebook. Let me explain a little.

So First 4 Figures is the company that made/making this awesome Kait statue it was expensive and it was Kait so it might have deterred a lot of you from buying it. With that said they LISTEN and have polls and have fans rally in their FB group First 4 Figures Official Collectors Club for other statues that fans want made. So if you want a Character from the game to come to life please join the group and help us vote up Gears of war. I have been pushing for them to make a Queen Myrrah👍 We need more gears fans in the group so if you could take a moment join the group and go vote on gears it would be much appreciated. If you have any questions please ask comments or dm’s will be responded to!


Once you join here is a link to the post.

F4F is a terrible company. No QA, sloppy paintjobs and terrible padding during shipping. Even had fingerprints on one of their Spyro-figure that I got as a present for someone.

Avoid at all cost. Now Figurama, that’s the good stuff.

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They do QA videos. I know not traditional but it works you ask a question and they tell everyone your question then answer it in the same video.

Also their customer service is really good if youreally had fingerprints on one and contact them they would have resolved the issue fast and easy.

Every statue is hand painted usually hand paint is not going to perfect.

Couldn’t be bothered at that point anymore. And it wasn’t just the fingerprints, the entire thing looked like it was painted by someone in art-class, not someone that makes their living painting these.

Also preoredered back then and the hair-piece arrived with a crack. All those videos of them throwing their shipping-boxes around with nothing happening and all it took was 1 Fedex-Driver who didn’t understand the meaning of “fragile”.

Also also similair to Gecco F4F just picks up way too many licenses at once, announces tons of figures and never finishes any of them.

If you really want a Myrrah-figure/statue you could always commission one given that you have the funds for it.

Not sure what happened to the deal that Epic had with NECA but every Gears related toy since they stopped producing them has not been good.

Well im sorry you had a bad experience with the company. I actually havnt received anything from them yet until Kait comes. If it looks like ■■■■ like your saying ill be in the same boat as you. Paying that much for a statue it should look really good.

Buuuut I like that they are continuing to make gears related products. Me having one made would be worthless. If its not officially licensed then there is no point. Hopefully she looks good and they continue the gears line further.