Gears 5 just closed outta nowhere

I’m playing a match, and they’re catching up. I’m starting to struggle, and I die from a questionable shot. I hope the killcam shows up, but instead the entire game CLOSES. It doesn’t freeze up like a crash, it just CLOSES. And it happens after I die, making it look like a rage quit. And it was Social, so I can’t just rejoin.

I can’t even record it because you can’t record if there’s no game playing.

Had it a few times granted not just on gears though.

I’ve had my game freeze requiring a force close but never just close
kinda strange

My favorite crashes lately have been playing Zombies with my friends.

Talk about a game that has crashing problems.

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This has happened to me also on several occasions in PVE. The game just shuts down and I’m back on Home Screen.

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