Gears 5 Item store and Tour of duty first look

Guys, This first tour of duty is straight trash. It’s just the campaign variants of the characters. Desert fahz, desert kait, scared JD. Some cool weapons skins in between.

This currency iron, over 1k for an epic skin. Probably 2k for a legendary. It better not cost more than $7 for a legendary; this is a $60 game.

Emotes are not universal; you literally have to acquire them for every character. Wtf?

What do you guys think about this?

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What happens if you miss out on a skin is it gone forever?

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If you’re talking about in the shop: it will be in rotation and can come back at a random time. But their may be ‘limited time’ items.

In the tour of duty: we don’t know exactly yet but my best guess would be if you didn’t earn it in the season, you missed out. Other wise what’s the point of a timer.

Who was this streamer kinda want to check out the footage and if you had a time stamp that would be very helpful thank you

His name is DomeZ (he is very annoying FYI) and I don’t have tie stamps but just skip to the last 15 minutes and he shows all he stuff. I also just added a few pics to the post if you scroll up.


As for the tour rewards I think it’s fine as long as you have a reasonable amount of time to progress and can rank up playing escape and Horde I’m fine with it

Nice to see we can earn iron in the tour of duty. Probably just save it for a character skin that catches my eye. Not too fussed about the other stuff.

They’re just character skins, not actual heroes for sale so I don’t think its a big deal.

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It will take you over 4 seasons to earn enough for an epic skin. Good luck.

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Yeah, I noticed some rewards giving 150 or 250 Iron.

And some skins costed 1,000 Iron.

I imagine you earn supply drops just for playing which can have iron

I don’t get too caught up in cosmetics and you can earn some character skins in the tour of duty so those will be fine for me.

You can’t get Iron from Supply Drops.


If iron is expensive, this whole system is a failure.

**If I miss out on a single unlock then the whole system is a failure.

Fixed that for ya.


Not a colorblast in sight. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I can’t say I would ever buy a $20 skin but if there is an audience for it, I am not against them existing. Paid DLC is what allows the game to be extensively supported post-launch. If someone is okay putting money like that in so I don’t have to, I say go for it.


lets be honest here. those epic skins are already 10 dollars. 1 dollar 100 iron. its a straight up copy from every other battle pass every game has these days.
We just have to give them enough negative feedback that we hope they do season 2 better “cough"apex” cough"

£10 is nothing compared to me paying £1 instead of £69.99.

But I’m only going to purchase content that I like or want. I don’t need weapon skins, emotes, stuff like that. I sometimes like to play without weapon skins.

It’s almost a free game for remaining Xbox Live subscription, if not interested in Store content.

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I thought I read that every thing will remain in the store for purchase no matter if you miss an event or not. I may be wrong though.

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Well I know of one dude at least that can help pay for one portion of any kind of DLC for this game…