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Gears 5; It’s an uninstall at this point

10 years and this series has been my favorite, but the insane shift in multiplayer has made Gears 5 unplayable.
Why is my ping double in Gears 5 vs 4?
Why does every match have a someone with a 200 gamer score that plays like a diamond 3?
Why can I only vote for a map 70% of the time?
Why does game chat break every third match?
Why do I get kicked from matches at least every other night?
Gears 4 was never perfect but I never felt like the matchmaking was working against me 100% of the time. It would be nice to play the campaign but monsters falling through floors and boss fights that won’t end because the boss is outside the map is also not fun.
I used to look forward to playing with my team at night. Now I cringe and wonder how many rounds we can play before everyone just quits and plays something else. This was supposed to be fun?
I am so very sad to say it’s time to uninstall.


me and my friends would be on gears together every night! they all quit within the first month of 5’s release and i don’t blame them. I tried to play solo for a few weeks but boy is that miserable and even more boring. I haven’t been on in weeks now, just reading the forums to see if the games getting better. I have never not wanted to play gears (aside from judgment, which even that i survived on longer than 5) but man i just don’t feel like playing this game its completely not fun.




I think I have enough of this s%%#@ too.
This game is hot garbage with one of the worst matchmakings I have seen. Search times are OK but I keep getting worst possible teammates , often some guys with split screen and I play vs stacks of 3-5 people.
I am diamond 2 and there is no way these team mates of mine are any higher than silver.
Servers aren’t working as they should either. Everyone is skipping and shots aren’t connectiong even when pings are normal.
Core gameplay is like a punch to the face for old time Gears fans, slow, with overpowered EVERYTHING outside a shotgun.
This happened Today:

12%? This is not normal and I think Marcus commented it right in the video haha. I stopped playing some time ago and now with promo for gamepass for 1$ for 3 months they pulled me back in. Not for long though as game plays like garbage still. This is not a game that I loved for the past 10 years or so.


it says you hit that piece of ■■■■ robot 2 times?!?! that was some BS
also ■■■■ that stupid mace, the range is too much and people have too much immunity while swing it

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I’ve played a lot of gears 5 and gotta say it’s impossible to say the game is good
The ranked is STILL broken and the insulting thing is that they removed everyone’s diamond because “they were fixing ranked” and surprise they fixed nothing, it’s EXACTLY like it was at launch, also horde is painfully boring and quick match is ALWAYS full of bots that will kill you in 0.5 seconds because their auto aim is ridiculous, pretty sure this one will kill the franchise and that’s just depressing

But gears 4 is trash!!!

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