Gears 5 issues and bugs

I’m getting shot threw walls. He headshot me at the end.

When coming off a roadie run, my gnasher doesint shot when it’s supposed to. It waits to shot even when spamming it, about 5 times out of 10 coming off the run.

When I have the same ping as someone else or it’s close by 10 or 20, I expect there to be at least a trade when I shoot someone, and see my shot hit first, but he kills me. I watch the kill cam and my bullet doesn’t even show on his screen. But I blantly seen it on mine.
To go with that, anytime I watch a kill cam there view of me and what I do are ALWAYS differnt from what I did on my screen. Why is everyone seeing people do differnt things, on everyone’s screen? How is this even going to be a competitive game if not even half the lobby is seeing the same thing?

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