Gears 5 Isn't as bad but we need more variety

As of writing this post, my love for the game is there. I enjoy playing it and wrecking people online.

It appears people seem to be more biased and very picky about the game since times have changed and there are many games out there. Sure, this game isn’t perfect or not nearly as good as it’s older versions but the changes they implement proves they are trying to make the game better.

Keeping this short, the new ranking system is great and maybe at some points might make it too easy for people to move up. Which isn’t completely bad but the LACK of GAME modes, is the only thing so far that has really bothered me since launch. Where is Execution??? I became a Gridiron player and that got taken away as well. Now I can only stick to TDM !! Where are the single life competitive game modes???


Rectum (wrecked em)? Damn near killed em.