Gears 5 is trash wait 3 months to buy

This game has barely any customization with characters or weapon skins and we have to wait three months before we get any more characters or weapon skins at all and not to mention it won’t even be a guarantee of something you like it’s going to be completely randomized . Waste of money just stick to Gears 4. no point in buying this ■■■■■■■■ game. I honestly wish I knew what was going through the coalitions head when they thought that waiting three months to release a major update was a good idea . Morons. And apparently we can’t just buy characters were forced to play this stupid operation ■■■■ and if we miss out on it we can never get the characters again, that’s what it sounds like . I have no problem with working toward something I want but I do not want to be limited to a daily challenge I want to be able to grind and get it quick but if I got a wait weeks just to get a default skin then screw that.


I completely agree, Taken away some PvP ranked modes and not even been bothered to make any new ones, how is the game meant to feel fresh with what it’s got no innovation at all. No customisation other than first characters you get, maps are poor.

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