Gears 5 is trash there are so many cheaters using aim bot and mods

Every time on a ranked match against the cog. I keep running into hackers and players who are using modded controllers with aimbot on. And in addition get suspended for leaving the game due to these cheaters. Get rid of the cheaters and get your anti cheat software running. You game developers are trash as ■■■■. Ranked is completely unplayable. Almost every damn opposing team are using mods. Fix this issue and lift my suspension or else you will lose a customer. This is complete ■■■■■■■■.

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Cog always cheat. They have the hammer of dawn while the locust don’t. So unfair.

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No dude. It’s a coincidence that every time agains t the cog and sometimes against the swarm the players against me are constantly using aimbot and other hacks. I shoot them and they don’t fukking die. What’s wrong with this game?

After 500+ hours I have never encountered a single aimbot user or hacker. If you’re so certain they ARE using aimbot and hacking try to record it, because I haven’t even seen another thread or person complaining about this.

Could be lag or just bad hit detection.


Please file with reports of cheaters with supporting evidence.

Thank you.

Quitting ranked matches will get you increasingly long suspensions. I would suggest not quitting.