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I only disagree with escape and story:

  • the story is good and easy to understand.
  • Escape is not that bad, just wished the hero system was cut from the game anyways.
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Story is awesome

Escape could use some more objectives and enemies, length

Escape has ZERO FKN TIE IN TO THE GAME. At no point are you escaping from a locust den.
The story mode did suck, open world for NO FKN REASON. It wasn’t like you could explore and go to many different places, you could go to 2 or 3, and that’s it. Largest waste of time ever doing all that skiff sht

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Buy a drink, settle down.

I never cared for the story of escape, I’m not really into comics. I’m just saying the gameplay is nice and all, but it needs more replay-ability.

There’s actually a lot of places you can go in on gears 5, in act 2 you got at least 10 locations and in act 3 you get more then 10 locations. You get insight on the UIR vs. COG war in act 3, in act 2 you get insight on myrrah and the locust…

Overall? I’m not sure what you complained about…

Sounds like Les Grossman had a bad day on Gears 5.

TC, I’d suggest listening to this man ASAP. Otherwise it’s going to be scorched earth, motherf*cker. MASSACRE!!!


WHAT story for escape??? I haven’t read a single gears book or comic, they put that sht in the game without any context.
I didn’t say that the story mode of gears wasn’t good, i said the OPEN WORLD ASPECT was fkn stupid. It made no sense and enhanced nothing by being there


Wow! I had two of the best horde games on master today with randoms. This game is totally Awesome, Amazing and Fantastic! I Guess each to their own. Ohh and when things don’t go my way I don’t come here to spread my toxic waste.


For non readers it has context

Plant the gas in a swarm hive then escape before you die.

If you want more depth on those characters you might be in luck, a few weeks ago some stuff surfaced that people where speculating was a dlc involving those characters.

That is a pretty thin thread you’re stretching to say it has context. They could’ve easily made a mission of getting in and out of a hive

Original Gears had a better connection? Really, I had friends that would only play if they had host advantage. Amazing how quick people forget.

In gears 1, I always hosted. Warzone on Gridlock @Buster_McTunder all clear no red

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I wish heroes in escape had full loadouts, and ammo starvation as a whole in pve.
PvP players get 30 gnasher rounds and PvE gets 24 rounds? Makes no sense

Very toxic post but I agree with it all except escape being a waste…and gridlock being added.

Shut the ■■■■ up I’m ■■■■■■■ tired of these threads

You came in here, made a dumb post and put ue raam killing minh at the end to make it seem more impactful

I do agree with some points but you come across like an absolute tard

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Closing non-constructive rant thread,

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