Gears 5 is totally utterly trash

I’ve been playing gears since 2006 and I have to say that this new age of gears is so bad I don’t even wanna think about gears anymore . Everything about this game is bad . Lack of characters and skins , gameplay, changing main characters half way through , the semi open world , the hunger for money in this new challenge tour of duty crap . And let’s not even talk about all the bugs in the game just feels rushed and unfinished . I’m ashamed I spent 500 dollars on gears Xbox one x system and I actually can say I HATE this game and that’s saying something considering I’m usually biased and optimistic when it comes to 2 games I love very much . Gears and mortal Kombat . At least mortal Kombat hasn’t forgotten its roots and isn’t showing that they’re money hungry morons . Epic games needs to be making gears these knockoff morons at the coalition need booted if you ask me .


Closing non constructive rant thread.