Gears 5 is the worst Gears?

It is a pity that today Gears 5 has become a game that fails in every way, from multiplayer to the abandonment of horde and escape. In multiplayer became so tedious by removing the active reload that was iconic in the saga, the movement so slow and that in maps like Mercy, Blood Road, Foundation does not serve this tuning for these types of maps, if a team is well positioned is already impossible to do something because it is no longer a game with a fast movement, the weapon change is slower and the lancer damage is absurd (In control if you take down an enemy it’s disgusting to see that he just doesn’t die) the gnasher is the most frustrating thing TC has ever done, how is it possible to get the shot in the ■■■■■■■ FACE and you only got 99% of it. Did I need to hit the pixel of the face to kill him? These changes only show that TC only cares about esports and doesn’t care about the community, it’s much easier to make two tunings, one for multiplayer and another called esport and that can be put in custom games, the content is very cheap compared to other releases, the weapon skins are not at all flashy, where were the creative ideas behind the skins of Gears 4? Gears 5 went from being a fun game to a frustrating game. I hope TC removes those changes from the multiplayer while they make the next installment of the saga, IF ANY TC WORKER READS THIS, STOP PAMPERING THE PROFESSIONAL GAMERS BECAUSE THEY MAKE A COMPETITIVE GAME THAT ONLY THEY LIKE.


I like it


Must have missed an update because I don’t have this map

I mean it’s not that bad but basic common sense; if it’s terrible then don’t play. I know some things can be frustrating but you can’t be mad if you happen to be outplayed or lost a match like everyone does

ehh, definitely shouldn’t let the 5% of eSports players dictate what the majority wants, most of them are stuck up anyways



Ah, another sufferer of paragraphobia.

Poor guy.


I’m sorry didnt TC just recently add the Lambent and locust troops into horde? And didnt the promos get buffs? I guess I must be seeing things because that definitely is not abandoning horde.

Escape is abandoned though lol.

Good riddance, I like how battles go now without actives, i only get actives to hear my character say something epic or funny.

I’m pretty certain you mean blood street, but all 3 of those maps are awful. Mercys only redeeming quality is church 1v1s and 2v2s, I’m certain it’s a great 2v2 map but that’s about it. Oh and Doms place of rest, but that’s it.

Nothing new

Could you make a tuning for us then?

Gears 5 skins>>>

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it’s very clear something is wrong with the game at this point.

prior to OP5, my group of friends would have no shortage on people to play with on the weekends. we’d have to rotate in and out to get people into games (5v5) or get multiple groups going.

now? it’s down to two or three players. IMO the tuning and change to 4v4 has driven away players. (and TDM squad restriction before the reversal)


I prefer Gears 5 over Gears 4, campaign wise.


These threads are getting harder and harder to read. I’m just thankful you didn’t brag about being top 500


Judgment is the worst. But its still good.

Also Gears 5 isn’t nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The PvP needs work but other than its just a few bugs.

Its the movement for me and only that.

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You don’t have movement though so like, why are you acting like you do? If anyone is going to complain about movement, and they lack the ability to actually move — I don’t understand what you’re complaining about.

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Same for me, can usually get a full team though.

Remember playing gears 3 from 8pm till the early hours on a friday after work, and all day saturdays with a full team of m8s. Not anymore though, after 10 20 matches someone usually gets pissed off and leaves then its game over.

To much BS goes on in gears 5, sadly.


I only read the replys, :+1:

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I mean I keep playing, so I like it.



(There’s a really good game in there trying its best to come out…but it just doesn’t offer enough fun across enough of the game enough of the time.)

((If frustration is your thing, then yeah, bestest Gears evar!!!))


Hmmmm. Who are you?

Nice response.

I appreciate that. You understand that your criticism really means nothing.

Good job.

In the words of Red Icyy

“A GoW2 legend and my idol”


Gears 5 is an oddball for me. I simultaneously think some aspects of it are the best in the franchise, but certain things hold it back. I can’t say definitively either the versus or PVE is unquestionably better than 4. Each do some things better.

It’s campaign is actually a lowpoint for me. 4 was better. 3 makes it look like garbage. I hope Gears 6 drops the open-world elements. They don’t work well.