Gears 5 is supposed to be my Valentine date. Please help

I can’t have my Gears 5 date when my account is still bugged. Please help me. We can keep the fact you helped me on the download, baby. Thanks doll.

Gamertag: Mitsurugi W

Do you honestly expect TC fixing something that doesn’t benefite the playerbase in a timely manner?

its what I’d expect from a gaming company atleast
(a consistent help center maybe)

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Well, I would hold my expectations low when it comes to TC. Unless it’s about disappointment; they never fail to disappoint.

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Wow thats pretty sad considering the state gears 5 is in right now

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This is actually the worse Valentines date ever in the history of Valentines day u deserve better

Well it didn’t work. Noone here has a heart.