Gears 5 is stale

Just as the title says.

It’s boring
The netcode is dogga
The pings are crazy high
It’s 2 shot kill or be killed
The input delay is HUGE
The shooting mechanics are contradictory to what TC say is how they work ( some are in line barrel and some are centre screen)

I’ve had enough and have uninstalled as there are far better games to be played

I would say thanks but theres nothing to be thankful for really is there?


This isn’t an airport you don’t have to announce your departure.


since they charge money to play the game I don’t think there isn’t anything to be giving thanks to them in any sense.

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Literally the worst installment in the entire franchise, including Judgement.

Its laughable at this point.

I honestly don’t even care if they make a Gears 6.

Gears 1-3 were awesome and have created many awesome memories and experiences for me.

I wouldn’t trust TC overseeing a Candy Crush title.

I’d disembowel myself if I butchered such an artistic masterpiece.

Sucks because Gears had the potential to be a :goat: game.

Don’t @ me…I hate you


Hello my nihilistic brother.

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My socks are stale gears is just in a state of suspended brokenitist.

It’s not stale for me…

I play at a high caliber so it’s always fun…

Even my first matches are stupid sweaty…

Hit masters go on a 4 win streak then lose it again… lol & repeat…

Some people take the game too serious… I noticed it’s better if you just have fun…

BS is in every game.

But PvP wise, if you’re not good or playing solo you’re going to have a really bad time. Then all the BS will just be highlighted.


Thank you thank you thank you, your far too kind :+1:t2:

Unless you’re playing FFA otherwise it’s smooth sailing.


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Wow. Possibly one of the best lines ever produced on the forums man. Brilliant.


Gears 5 is washed. I enjoyed it at times and was also frustrated by all the points you made. Time to move on.


Don’t even get me started on FFA. Some of the worst net code and input delays issues I’ve had were on FFA. Gnasher turns into a pop-gun.


How about this for a line… TC couldn’t run a bath never mind a game :joy:

Clever, not bad not bad

It’s atrocious and they won’t fix or even comment on it


I meant it as if you’re truly good. You can rankup fast in FFA

The core of the game development is poor at best but Aesthetically the game looks great

you can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter :poop::joy:


ah, got it. Makes sense . Don’t have to worry about stacks or sh*tty teammates. I’ve gotten some serious issues with lag on FFA, which is what turned me off of it.

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Yea can’t wait for xbox series x then I will find new games to play over gears 5…I hardly play anyways its not got the same lasting appeal as real gears had. 1 -3. 4 was slightly better then 5.


hahahahahahaha this is " forum philosophy at its finest" :slight_smile:

hahahahahahhahahahahaha :smiley:

@T0NY_HAYABUSA NOW THIS TONY has to be one of THE VERY VERY BEST Lines of writing ever been produced in this forum !!