Gears 5 is RIGGED! Clips not recording and being kicked from games when im winning so the enemy will come back

Anybody else having this issue? I have a ton of space so that isnt the issue. My clips work when i test record the main menu customization etc. BUT My clips ONLY don’t record when i get something epic like a quint this has happend over 5 times now. Also when I’m dominating a team lets say i have 12,000 something points the enemies top player has about 8 or 9,000 i randomly get kicked and when i join back my score is wiped to 0 and the enemy has come back and we lose so i also think my account is rigged by a 3rd party and they are making me lose and also making my clips not record when i get amazing quints. Maybe my account is on a black list where they consistently screw me over!

Use record from now feature. It’s a general issue with the game, no-ones conspiring against you and preventing your kill montage.

Or, buy a capture card, OR stream to mixer.

The entire game is bugged, people are getting to the end of campaign, freezing etc then having progress wiped when getting back on.

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It’s a known bug, if you’re wearing a tinfoil material hat whilst the quint ribbon comes up, it can interfere with the electromagnetic waves within the area. Sometimes if strong enough, they can travel directly up into the server, causing disconnects.

Of course it would be unwise and dangerous NOT to wear your tinfoil hat at all times, so my suggestion would be to just play at maybe 85% of your skill level.


Im being dead serious when i test record for example walking around, customizing, it records just fine its LITERALLY only when i get a quint and its happend so many times that it eliminates the possibility of a “coincidence”

How many times is ‘so many times’?

Yes it’s rigged vs you, you all star

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6 times now :cry::sob::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

This is pretty much the funnies comment I’ve ever read…people get crazy with the conspiracies on video games…I almost cried with the tin foil hat stuff