Gears 5 is overheating my xbox one x

After 5 minutes my xbox one x shutdown due to overheat. Only happens with gears 5
I have restable to fabric the console and download the game 3 times and still have the same issue.


I am having the same issue. After about 20 minutes of gears my Xbox shuts down due to “overheating”. I’ve been playing bdo and having my Xbox on all day with no issues…must be some software error.

Having same issue. Xbox one x even gets louder when it starts playing the game. Xbox game pass user too. Shuts down about 30mins of playing.

@GhostofDelta2 please pass this on to the devs, it could potentially turn into something nasty.


Have done.


My xbox didnt require a shut down or restart but I did notice that it was extremely hot to touch. I did hear additional fans kicking in at one point too.

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Yeah I haven’t had a shut down but I’ve had my xbox one x going mental loud with fans etc

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The game is pretty resource heavy. I’m assuming on console they would have tried their best to push out the best visuals possible and maintain a good fps, while totally forgetting anything else.

On PC at maxed everything, my cpu/gpu are around 55c/66c respectively. That’s with watercooling lol

Not sure what the max heat limits are on the X.

My XBox has been shutting down as well since yesterday. Was able to play campaign today alone, but whenever I join someone’s game or play Horde, it turns off. It can be a matter of 5 minutes, 15, minutes, or even an hour. This is very frustrating. Only happens with Gears 5. I’ve never had this problem.
Please pass along that more people are speaking up about it now.

Luckily, I haven’t run into that issue, but the console definitely sounds like a chopper when playing the game. The only game that forced my console to shut down due to overheating was red dead redemption, but somehow, it stopped.

my one x is right next to me and i havent heard any noise from it while playing gears. every xbox 360 and ps3 ive had broke so its nice to have a console that seems fine. also try plugging the system into a different outlet on its own. if it’s fighting other devices for power it can cause problems.

I think mine is doing this too and it only seems to do it on this game even the Red Dead 2 game doesnt act like this one and fan is very loud on it until the game is off.

wow im not the only one then, my xbox acts up really bad when i log in, or if i quit the game from a freeze, the framerate gets really bad and the Fan goes nuts sounds like a vacuum.

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Same ■■■■ here!

Same issue since the Season 4 update, I’m lucky to get through one or two waves of Horde

using a mini-split air conditioner system could work on those kind of escenarios.

The EMC engineer has spoken :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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you know me man hahahaha @jmelia123 always given THE RIGHT advice my good friend :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been having a few games do this and Gears recently started last week as well. I’ve noticed certain can trigger the overheat shutoff more than others. You can help by making sure the Xbox is well ventilated. When you play Gears don’t have it inside an entertainment center or anything like that. The intake vents are on both of the sides and the exhaust vent is in the back of the console. Give these all plenty of room to breath. I put a little mini fan behind the console to help keep it cool which has helped a lot.

I put mine in a bucket of water.

Definitely keeps it cool.