Gears 5 is on the right track but there are still problems

the game is more playable but it has quite a few problems 1 makes those who make excess wallbonce even more broken, it is useless to lower the speed of the wallbonce if the assistance does not remove it completely, because those who do wallbonce no longer have to worry about aiming their shots well if not only worrying about its movement, instead of being the opposite due to excess movement, let us remember that when moving the camera is usually in a lot of movement but with the assistance that although it is decreased compared to previous seasons, with this change it is a perfect recipe for make it easier for them, I’m not saying nerf to the wallbonce or anything like that but if they removed the aim assist completely the wallboncer would care more about aiming correctly 2 the problem of the shots of 85, 90 and 95 increases, because many times enemy characters run straight towards me, I shoot them and the aforementioned amounts appear to me they just release the shot and fly me, we have to have Note that the enemy at that time has to “aim” after running but the assistance makes the camera basically do the work alone, changes in the shots of the shotgun and in the movement are of no use if a character is running in front of you he flies you off with one shot when you’ve been hitting him with several shots as he approached you, if perhaps they would say that it is skill but the assistance makes the aim value does not matter 3 the movement is affected, although I said that this helped those who make wallbonces, but it depends on the type of movement in my case I wallbonce with the camera so my character basically recognizes an enemy character instead of sticking to the coverage what it does is roll, so I am exposed 3 as there are many enemies, the camera or rather the assistance does not know very well who to shoot at, it is as if it were bugged and if you try to move many times you will roll or you will not be able to do the movements you want 4 the shots up ao reaction are still broken it is useless to lower the coverage speed if you do not remove the shooting assistance, many times I am in blind spots for the enemies or in a part where it would be a difficult target for that type shooting but simply assistance helps them do the rest of the work, Do not think that I am saying that the game has not improved but changes are needed to the game so that it feels more balanced and that it is not the result of randomness, if not the result of your skill, I have been playing since gears 2 and this type of help as aiming assist makes it not feel like a gears of war should really feel

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