Gears 5 is not that bad (pvp)

While there has been undoubtedly better tunings in the past ops the game still isn’t THAT bad. I can still hit shots, get kills and get masters. My only real complaint is the gib range allows for not so great players to get kills

For me, the issue with both 4 and 5 is the lack of destruction, lack of gore, just the small details that were in previous games that made gameplay much more satisfying. I I love Gears UE gib animations (would’ve been perfect with the extra gore details from the original).

I’m sure that TC is working on this with Gears 6 (hopefully). I just feel like we haven’t had a true sequel to the trilogy yet when it comes to gameplay details.


I’m sure…hopefully hahaha

That is a sentence of pure confidence.


On behalf of a lot of players: how dare you???

On behalf of myself: I agree

I still enjoy playing, obviously TC can’t please everyone but I wish they would listen more to the ranked community as far as tuning goes instead of the eSports ppl as they’re less compared to the multiplayer community

Optimistic about Gears 6, this game for sure got TC hearing the feedback on multiple topics

And players who complain that it is so bad, stop playing the game then lol


I have hope for gears 6. I wonder what the tuning would look like, a gears 4 tuning?
as for the tuning, I hate it dearly but I still play. at this point I just play pve, I am enjoying exe 2.0 though.

Would actually like that, I liked Gears 4 multiplayer, don’t recall having any problems

I have played like 20 matches give or take, and only two have been full teams since the start. Always been uneven teams after that

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Gears 4s multi was solid, I was able to strafe in peace. I cant say I can do the same in 5. as for exe, I do encounter unbalance alot but as for control, the teams are usually balanced oddly enough.

if we went back to op 5 tuning in gears 6 i would be ok with that too, I thought the game was at its best.

I’m very hopeful for 6, ppl should realize that TC has heard all the feedback for different topics and in a way know what the community is looking for

This can backfire however :cry: lmao

lets hope. I know im hopeful but im still a bit uneasy about 6.

It isn’t as bad as most make it seem

*clears throat
“Are you stupid and blind?”

It truly isn’t. So much of the hate for this game is residual from an abysmal launch and questionable pricing for store items.

By and large TC has addressed nearly all of the communities complaints and concerns. They entirely overhauled their PVE vision to meet what the community wanted.

It took a while to get there, but the game is pretty damn solid now.


The selling of 85% of all content…the other 15% was still a “loot box” all while the game was barely functioning is why I didn’t decide to really play Op2 and truly didnt pick up consistent play again until mid op3.

The versus experience got/gets flak because they just went completely off the wall with a new tuning instead of carrying forward from GoW4 tuning that had been tweaked for years. That decision still baffles me.


Personally the fact that most ranked games result in quitters with no real solution, makes it unplayable for me. Playing quick match, most games start like 1v3 or something silly, and players quit and join throughout the game. If you play regularly with friends I think it can be enjoyable. My old gear head friends won’t touch this game though. I hope in the future gears has a better matchmaking and player base as well.

it’s actually not that common. I play solo a lot and still its only on random occasions rarely

Definitely needs to be harsher penalties for quitters and not affect the players remaining on the team

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honestly im not sure how TC can counter this, I know in Siege it happens quite often and they have penalties but i feel that its just a issue thats gonna remain with us.


yeah its normal in horde, not much you can do about that

Agreed 1000%, good to see you posting again!

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Honestly I would rather have TC focus on other efforts rather than the whole penalty thing against people leaving, theyve already done all they can, its more of a personal issue and they cant fix that lol

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I deeply enjoy gears 5. I think I still prefer/preferred GOW 4 but it’s still the game I’ll unthinkably pick up and play whenever I have free time. Never really crave playing another game like I do with gears.

This game missed the boat though, it’s certainly gonna go down as a what could’ve been.

Pve though is in a fantastic state.


The issue is TC should of had things "worked out " before the launch of Gears 5. There are day 1 issues that are still not fixed.!