Gears 5 is no more for me

It actually took me a week of deliberations with myself but I finally uninstalled Gears 5. I went back to it for the Hivebusters DLC which was pretty good. Got a few more achievements and decided I am done with it. This is by far the one Gears game that I have not put tons of hours into. Really is a damn shame too because I loved every other installment before this one. Horde is extremely boring for me. Escape is mediocre at best for me. MP isn’t even in the conversation for me. I did enjoy the campaign but not going to play it over and over again. Well, it;s time for Outriders for me and to clean up some other games.


There are some games that are far more interesting than this, I’m also talking about indie games to.


I think I’ve deleted Gears 5 8 times now, but I still love it.

However, I see where you’re coming from. This game is definitely an outlet among the rest of them.

Not quite the same, but similar enough to be familiar.

I do wish you happy gaming on your next grind tho!


Yeah buddy. Gears 4 I put a ton of hours into it with that Horde. There is just nothing here that pulls me in and what to play it anymore.


Seeing kind of a theme here with people getting bored of Gears 5. Sure speaks to the lack of replayability when the game which is supposed to be newer and has more classes actually fails to retain as much interest as the prior title(not to say Gears 4 didn’t have its issues with variety, but I didn’t see nearly as many stopping with it before the second year of its life ended, despite complaints about enemy variety).

Now I’m not at the point of uninstalling but certainly bored enough to look for other games to play or go back to some older stuff. At least April and May look to be covered for the moment.

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But you still go back to Gears 5 still right? Me, I stopped playing for a bit, finally played Hivebusters and sat there and asked, what next? Like I said, Horde is a bust for me. not a fan at all of it this time around. If i’m not going to play it anymore, then I uninstalled to give me some space for other games.


I’m surprised you liked Gears of War 4 Horde better than Gears 5. Lot more options to pick from which people like about this current horde. I definitely have more hours into 4 aswell though.

That’s the thing. I had tons of fun in 4. Speed Running was my favorite. I wanted them to change the whole hero class thing and they did for the most part but for some reason, it still didn’t grab me like. I really thought it was going to but nope.


Good luck playing other games, sometimes you need a break of Gears 5 (even if you will not play again).

For me, April is when I come back to Gears 5. I was playing Hivebusters DLC for the first time, and I’ll try to unlock Bunny hunt skin (I’ll hate the event because I’m not a good leader and good sniper).

After that, I’ll try the rest of the achievements that I need while lvl up every class (and cards).

Boring? Yes. But because I took 6 months away of Gears 5, I’ll have some patience to lvl up and get the grinding vs achievements.

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I play the daily Horde/Escape every now and then. Sometimes a few days in a row. But I’ve been moving on slowly due to building boredom and lack of new Escape maps to try out(the Horde ones really don’t matter as much because most players just go to the spawns or 2-3 setup spots every time). I might move on completely if the mid Operation update isn’t worth paying attention to, or play very infrequently from that point on, if I don’t continue just doing what I have been until now, only playing if the daily is interesting to me.

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I generally try to keep playing alot of different games.
The time where I could stick to one game like when WOW started is long gone and there was a lot of grind there too lol.

Peace out, Tone.

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Honestly Pilot and Gunner are the only classes which i can really enjoy and where i can play without getting annoyed at some aspect of the game or the class…

I recently started to jump into the party and listen in to some good PvP people i played with in gow4 : the stuff i hear from them doesnt make me want to return to PvP…

Yeah, i am continuing this game out of momentum, not any great sense of fun or enjoyment…

I had a blast playing Horde in G4, played it until 2-3 months before G5 was released. Horde in G5? gave up on it on December 2019 and I’ve been playing here and there just for the sake of the achievements, once I’m done with the last 2 that’s it. It is a major downgrade from G4’s experience.

I still play the game regularly (PvP) and Escape with friends but the feeling of disappointment and sadness from seeing the once almighty Gears of War turned into shambles, makes me question uninstalling the game quite frequently.

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Haven’t played gears for about 3 days, not even to get the stars. As other ppl have said, its getting boring to play.

My view is TC have killed versus in gears 5 with squad restrictions and crappy modes in ranked. When i played gears 4 all i played was ranked matches and never really played social, now however gears 5s restrictions have forced me to play social only with only 3 friends in boring AF tdm agaist potatoes and muppets.

Whats even worse is bad/broken map voting in tdm forces u to play on icebound, district, training grounds or bunker for at least 5 matches and when u get new maps to vote, the other team quitts and its back to searching again.

Escape is also boring to play, now tc dont care about it. Like how many times can u run these maps and still get enjoyment from it?

Ive now went back to playing fallout 76 to finish off the wastelanders achvs, and it will be outriders after that.

Tc need to stop listening to these ppl that cried about full stacks in ranked, get rid of this pointless rank tier system, enough of forcing ppl to grind for stuff and make the game fun to play… Plz

We only play to have fun but gears 5 isnt fun… Anymore😥

Ive asked some questions recently on these forums but have got no response from any @tc employees that frequent these forums, i used to give tc the benifit of doubt but not anymore.

Its the fools at the top making all the big decisions, but the wrong ones. Its their fault👎

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At least you’ll still be around on these forums to help me maintain efficient levels of pessimism.

But anyhoo I actually agree with you for the most part. I myself am personally gutted that my favourite game for online play is absolutely ruined, of course I refer to Versus’ new and fatally awful tuning which has just killed it for me.

I look forward to Gears 3 getting the FPS Boost.


It’s a shame that new players are finally giving the franchise a try since the previous games had a lot of positive feedback and realize this game didn’t live up to it.

Simple changes and a better script for the campaign for Gears 6 would be perfect.

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Good on you mate!

I had enough of this nonsense. Played two games of frenzy three days ago and struggled through it. Could not get into it.

Bugs, glitches, constant lag, same old maps and hives, crappy modifiers, rubbish rewards that are not worth the effort, terrible game mechanics.

The game leaves me unsatisfied and most of the time in rage. Can’t do it anymore. Need a break and do something that’s actually fun. Haven’t played in three days, which is a first for me. Might just come back when mid op drops to see what’s out.

Kids got into Pokémon cards so I’m enjoying that with them. Gotta say “Much better than Gears 5”


I stopped playing too. Don’t feel bad. It’s over. We got our money’s worth. Gears 6 will be fresh. Play that when it’s available, decide if it’s worth your time. Hopefully it’s a stellar more rewarding experience with a multiplayer that has longevity and variance.

TCs effort will decide its fate. Let’s hope they don’t completely botch every part of its reveal and release like gears 5. It’s all in their hands.

This right here.

1000% for me