Gears 5 is my Wife?

As you all know, I am the most respectable person on the forums.

I am recently out of a job and my wife has been busting my chops recently because I haven’t left my room in weeks and she’s gotten tired from emptying out my piss jars. She’s super ungrateful especially since I let her personal trainer move in with us so she could get healthier (but she never seems to do anything seeing how they always go out to fancy restaurants and the movies) I’ve been playing Gears 5 nonstop for the last few weeks and she’s really become a distraction. She keeps begging me to come out and watch our baby son take his first steps. I’m on the edge of kicking her out along with her stupid personal trainer. What should I do my fellow gearheads?

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Hmm tough call, I’d suggest keeping the wife for a while at least until your son is old enough to kill some grubs on his own.

Nice collection by the way.

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That’s 100% my collection
I think I’ll keep her but I don’t know

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Moved to off topic as I for some reason suspect this is a troll thread…

I don’t know why you’d assume that. The people on the forums are the most respectable and civil people on the internet.


This made me Lmao!

You must be new to having a wife thing. I suggest you divorce her as quickly as possible so you have more time for the true love of our lives, Gears. Also, where did you get your glass case from? That’s pretty sweet and would love to have one for my collection.

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I think I will, I think she’s secretly plotting to steal my pot full of doubloons. I saw it on craigslist so I came to the seller’s house and broke down his deadbolt at 2am.