Gears 5 is just not the next step I thought

This isn’t a feedback thread it’s a discussion thread. I just got back into gears 4 after the gears 5 test ended and gears 4 is still the best gears gameplay hands down. Now I didn’t say story and the way they handeled characters unlock but in terms of gameplay and just overall action fun gears 4 can’t be touched. Even the graphics in gears 4 with 4K hdr looks like it released yesterday. I really hope they tune gears 5 cause it looks like they took a bunch of steps back after gears 4. Gears 5 has some good things but I expected much more then what was shown. If things don’t change for release then I will stick with gears 4 all day. I know majority will not agree with me but curious to know your stance?


A simple yet meaningful reply - bring on Gears 5. Feels like Gears 4.5 with more consistent play.


I know exactly what you’re saying. I will stick with Gears 5 for a while and try to adjust, but going back to 4 always feels better.

I was never one to complain about 4. I always liked the game. Maybe that’s because I never played the first three.

We’ll just have to see how it goes.


Gears UE is actually the best :yum:

But yes, I feel like TC over-designed this game. It feels unnecessarily complicated. Gears 1/UE works so well because it’s very simple design. We don’t need this recoil system, or “competitive” active reloads, or excessive amounts of UI. The game is better when everything is simple.


Maybe so, but at least 1/UE exist for the simple-seeking players, and all the power to you. But even if negative, I’d love to see Gears go exploratory, like…it might sound weird, but I’d love to see TC purposely make Judgement 2.0, where they just try all the crazy ideas. And what doesn’t work, toss it. If something does work, (like Classes, Markza which carried over) keep it and add it to the next mainstream title.

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The game is a leap backwards from Gears 4, and I don’t even like that game. I honestly feel like The Coalition doesn’t have the same creative spark, artistic vision and just general talent that Epic had with this series.

Even something like Judgment had Overrun, which was an amazing mode. TC’s additions to the series mostly make it worse outside of fast cover jumping while running and improved mantle kicking . That’s about all I can think of outside of things like a better framerate (which has more to do with being on better hardware), these games are worse on so many levels that it’s downright comical.


Honestly I had so much fun playing Gears 5. It took me a little to get use to the gnasher and the movement slowed down. But after it clicks you start having a lot of fun killing everyone. I wouldnt give up on the game yet, it hasnt even been released.


I’m trying to play some Gears 4 with @GhostofDelta2 and it’s just not very fun. The hit detection is terrible and the movements feel off now. I want to play Gears 5 again.


The title should be changed to, “Gears 5 is just not the next step I thought”. Just speak for yourself, man.

Are you telling me that you have experienced the full Gears 5 gameplay, before the rest of us? It was just a freaking Tech Test. As in, stressing servers. It’s not final impression version. I’d say it’s too early to judge.

That’s right, you didn’t, Because it seems like Campaign and handling character unlocks might as well be better for Gears 5. Which is, “next steps”.

Again, you haven’t really played the whole full Gears 5 yet, have you? I would lower expectations, if I were you. You haven’t really explained why you think Gears 4 would remain better than Gears 5.

You don’t need to hope for this. It’s gonna happen. Final version should be finished version. But you could explain what you think was taking steps back. This is not clear.

Just wait. It’s gonna get better. What are you expecting to change for release?

You’re right. I disagree with what you posted.


I edited the title to reflect that.


I understand where you are coming from. For me the only issue I saw was the controls. I don’t really see a reason for moving the chainsaw action over to the reload button. It’s a really poor move since I can accidentally start reloading when I actually wanted to rev the saw. The excuse they gave for that change was extremely poor. I hope I can change it back in the full game. With graphics I can’t say anything. I don’t have a 4k tv so I stuck with the S.

Again I feel the movement and speed of gears 4 has been the best gears gameplay since gears became a franchise. And no I did not play the final product of gears 5 but the game launches in a little over a month away so I wouldn’t count on to much to change from what everyone has experienced in the tech test. I do think the Gnasher and lancer and other weapons are a great step up for me but with the movement slowed down it just doesn’t feel like I can pull of tricky moves to pull off kills or have a crazy comeback with some wild plays. The gameplay feels to slow like you can’t control it sometimes. I never once said gears 5 was bad I just think the gameplay from the tech test was a step back from gears 4. And I know that’s my opinion only and I respect anyone’s else’s opinon if they feel different. Getting gears 5 reguarless.


Holding RB became secondary fire.

Holding B became knife slashes.

Why secondary fire to RB? Because when you hold RB for Grenade Launcher, it is easier to aim than holding B and RS right stick together.

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For the freedom lancer I understand but the chainsaw I don’t. I don’t really need to use the right analog stick because if I rev the saw up the enemy is most likely in front of me.

In Tech Test, I had two situations where enemy player wasn’t in front of me. I was gonna rev my chainsaw. For Gears 5, they changed the controls so that moving around RS stick would turn your camera around, while chainsaw revved. If someone is not in front of you, you can hold RB and move around RS right stick to change directions.

Also, I think it’s better to have chainsaw and knife slashes as separate buttons. Because if I have no bullets in Lancer, about to chainsaw someone by holding RB. I might chainsaw them, the animation plays, then I could get downed.

The other option is holding the Lancer but using knife slashes by holding B. Then pick up as meatshield and shoot with sidearm. So you could either chainsaw and expose yourself, or knife slash and meatshield maybe.

I bacame completely opposite about the game. Last week it was kinda meh in some aspects, but after second test i really like it and want more.
I believe, i hope they will keep current movement speed, because it feels natural and it seems everything was designed around slower pace, even the maps. I don’t want the second G4, i just want them to make delays not so big, faster rolling speed and faster chainsaw activation.
I never liked G4 MP so much to be honest. I played it, but everytime get tired fast. It was too intense to me, too chaotical, graphics wasn’t so well, new original maps wasn’t so good, movement was fast, but kinda weightless.
G3 still is my favorite gears mp, UE was good too. I’m sure G5 will not replace G3 in my heart, but it can be the second favorite.

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I’m not sure why a lot of people thinking switching the chainsaw to RB is a bad thing. It allows you to rev the chainsaw while still keeping your thumb on the analog so you can turn corners while revving it.

I think people just dont like change. I see so many silly complaints about switching chainsaw to RB or adding Flash Grenades… This is a new game, they cant make it exactly the same. They need to rework the weapons and change the game a little.

To me the game feels amazing and I cant wait to see what little changes they make come launch.


I wouldnt have a problem with the chainsaw change if it didnt mess up a few things. 1 being that you cant chainsaw while reloading anymore.and 2- sometimes it doesnt work on the first press of the button

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It’s easier to press B and you move in an direction, it is more awkward now that the left analogue stick doesn’t turn the characters.

It may be a new game, but it’s also the 6th game in the Franchise. Look at the backlash Judgment got when they moved frags to LB. they’ve learned nothing in that respect.

The damage omen, the chainsaw, the execution button, weapon recoil. Rod of all people should know these are things you don’t mess with. Every one of them is now changed to a horrible alternative and how fans of the franchise can accept it is beyond me. I’ve even seen comments saying “the best yet”. What? Are you forgetting the original?



What do you mean the left analog doesnt turn the character? You move with the left analog and turn with the right analog.

I play a lot of games where I switch the controls so I wont have to take my thumbs off the analog sticks. For instance I play Halo and use the control scheme called Bumper Jumper which allows me to jump with LB and melee with RB. This allows me to keep my thumbs on the analogs at all time. For the most time when you have the lancer you will choose revving the chainsaw over melee, which would make complete sense putting the rev as RB. I really dont see the hate for this one, its a pretty simple switch to get use to and will benefit you when you learn it.