Gears 5 is it fine to play ranked now? PC

menu for ranked looks bugged can’t look at rank system (y ) shows 0 GP also
jw if anyone is actually getting points for a win or if I should just wait

Wait. Man I played one game and turned it off bro. Lol. Just gonna wait till TC to catch up on whatever they need to do to get S*** right. This Whole Bronze thing is irritating. I actually probably had all real bronze player’s the other team was fake bronze. Ridiculous lumping us all in again. The Bronze Grind seems ridiculous. 7k to get the F*** out of Bronze(Koth).

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lol I rushed home and everything… but thanks for info bro ill try again later

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Same here. I hopped on got some arms race in. Than as soon as 11am hit one rank match later I was like "naw, I’m good " lol. Happens every Operation. Like TC Forgets to do something important.

working now it seems like…

Yeah actually running good. I’m loving it. Except slide speed.

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