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Gears 5 is Improving

After bashing Gears 5 constantly upon release (and not playing again after second day of launch), I decided to try Gears 5 again.

It seems they’ve really improved a lot of the mechanics from first initial launch. (Evened out the lancer, made the game more consistent.)

I’m only posting this to update from my initial “bashing” of Gears 5.

I think we have to stay patient and allow TC to continue to improve the game play as we continue to complain.

If we continue this way, I feel Gears 5 really can be an awesome Gears!

(One major problem I consistently come across is players quitting, often leaving a match in 5v4… Something has to be done about this, I’m not sure what, but something to persuade users to stay for the match!)

I could be wrong but I don’t think they’ve touched the lancer from release. So basically you’ve liked it from the start, just didn’t realize it at the time. :wink:


Well I just wished they took their time and had all these things covered …

They haven’t touched any of the weapons, except Flashbangs.

There is penalty for quitting. Not sure if there is anything else they can do…

It’s not turned on yet

They didn’t do anything with lancer yet lol, that’s you not playing for a while.

The game is not improving, in the multiplayer sense

They actually just turned it on apparently.

Gears 5 quit penalties are active. You’ve been warned.

— Dana Sissons (@danasissons) October 9, 2019


Thanks for the info :+1:


@III_Essence @III_Otaku_III @afgunz_legend

It could be a placebo effect, but I truly feel they have changed them. (I haven’t been following the changelog, patch updates, or even the minor updates – Software has a major, minor, and patch updates)

My reason for saying this about the lancer, is before I’d be able to drop people really quick on the lancer. I now find it takes a lot of bullets to drop someone.

In addition, I’ve found the gnasher battles and overall game play to be quite consistent.

My first couple days playing, this game was an absolute embarrassment to the franchise!

It still is :grimacing: .

Been over a month since release now, still issues with combat/movement, 100 bugs, and still nothing has been added to actually make it a “gears of war” game. Where’s the og characters/maps/themes? It’s like a new game :joy:

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