Gears 5 is great but needs

I see a lot of complaining and yes there is things that need to be fixed but relax guys the game just came out I’m sure in a few updates it will be better or at least hope so. I like the game a lot but they need to fix the registering of some of the weapons and also tune some like the lancer that downs you in 1 second. It’s fine to give them feedback but be constructive and not this crap sucks. That helps no one and fixes nothing.

They had feedback for the last two years or so.

This is what they wanted to release.

Making excuses by saying the game just came out is pathetic and dumb.

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How in the heck do we only get 7 maps and THESE 7 maps? 4 modes only?

They couldn’t throw in foundation, checkout, and river? They didn’t put ffa and wingman at launch?

The way i see it, they are trying to stretch the content out. They really felt confident about this initial content to carry us to december?

This game is free falling in my opinion.