Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(Capta1nMorgan01) #168

Hell no! I’m still waiting to play as Carmine for a decent amount of time

(III EnVii III) #169

Probably never going to happen. Or maybe in Gears Pop.

(Doctor Nillo) #170

The idea that Kait are the principal on the history mode? I wait to play this history to say my opinion.
So… the idea that JD are swarm infected anyway… this is a great teory. If is this the reality of this strange tecnology arm… im happy.

JD arm like a soul calibur nightmare arm :thinking:

(III EnVii III) #171

Aha yeah, maybe it will spread and he will become the final boss fight :+1:

(Junglist Shoota) #172

That would be quite a twist. I’d welcome it as long as he is actually difficult. The final in gow4… Lol. Cake.

(III EnVii III) #173

But I don’t want that too happen as I want human JD in the games coming after 5 :+1:

(Embry Starred) #174

I feel like del is going to die at the end of this and will be kaits first victim as she transforms into the leader but who knows

(III EnVii III) #175


(xValtiel) #176

Envii stop with the spam. Your gamerpic everywhere on the site is giving me a headache.

(Capta1nMorgan01) #177

I will be cold DEAD in the ground before I touch that crap

(SuperStevie09) #178

and don’t forget grapple hooks can create a verticle approach to the level designs/ combat giving a bigger scope.

(hotbeatz85) #179

The Locust King

(III EnVii III) #180


You don’t even know what it is yet.

We got like a 30 second trailer.

(xFribbo) #182

Would love Del to be the main protagonist in the next game.

(xFribbo) #183

That’s true, I like the concept, I would be so happy if Gears 5 is an open world and missions only activate when approached.

(Bleeding Pepper) #184

Bear in mind that JD and Del go back a long way, whereas Kait’s relationship with Del is much newer. Given this, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kait automatically assumed that Del’s loyalties rest with JD first and foremost.

(GhostofDelta2) #185

The best theory I have seen is that JD and Del know that Marcus killed her grandmother, but Kait doesn’t. She realises that they are keeping things from her due to her flashbacks and wonders is Del has been sent to take her out if she turns.

(The Red Arrow46) #186

My question is why’s Marcus so calm about the necklace Kait showed knowing full well what that insignia means. Like the roles in the trailer feel like they’re switched around, what I mean is that I’d imagine Marcus being against Kait decision (much like JD) with JD being supportive(much like Del). I’m sorry I know we don’t have much to go on but this all feels to wierd.

(mizzelphug) #187

Could just be a deceptive trailer to drive up interest?

Even the early test footage of Gears 4 that showcased the level where we first see a Snatcher lacked Del (and Marcus for obvious reasons) which created the impression of a very different character dynamic. Some people speculated Kait was JD’s daughter just from that video. Eventually even the dialogue in the final game was switched around to different characters so it was almost like Del was an afterthought in the development.

(J4CKA1) #188

None of the 3 new characters should be the main for 6, IMO. Needs to go back to Marcus to finish out the series.