Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(Bleeding Pepper) #147

Agreed. Given that Marcus is supportive of Kait’s desire to find answers, I suspect he is totally aware of this. And besides, JD also went after Marcus after he was taken by the Snatcher. Alright, the context is a bit different and they needed Marcus to help guide them to find out what the Swarm where and to eventually find Reyna, but as covered by the conversation between JD and Del just before they got on the ore transporter into the hive, Del and Kait trusted him and went along with it.

I do get a sense of double standards here by people who for various reasons, just dislike Kait.

(xSinister Mind) #148

So long as the campaign still features the things we play it for, like the fun co-op segments and progressing through areas mowing down grubs, the direction is frankly what this franchise needed.

Kait is by far the most interesting of the new cast of characters (not an myself SJW btw) and it really looks like this story will give these new characters some personality. Which they REALLY, REALLY needed.

Proof is in the pudding that no one wants to play as the new characters in the MP of 4. They lack personality and character, and are very boring.

(xArjenRobben10x) #149

I think the term you’re looking for to describe these people is paying customers… You act like they’re doing us a favour and we should be grateful.

(xxDAMRONxx) #150

You should be grateful. You know how much work they put into making these games for us?

I’m not saying you can’t offer your opinion in constructive ways. But if you can honestly type that you think these forums are a place of constructive criticism to improve the game you blind. Most of the posts are incessant whining about things that are not a problem.

It’d be great if we bounced good ideas. Not just man this sucks change this! I need more in less time!

(chainsawsquirel) #152

Is Kait confirmed to be the lead throughout? It could be just for only part of the campaign for all we know. We got to play as cole for a good portion of act 1 in Gow3 did we not?

(GhostofDelta2) #153

I did wonder about this. We could conceivably play as Kait for an Act and switch to JD and Old Man Marcus for another. Have their stories end in separate climaxes. One triumphant and happy, the other having won their battle but lost someone they loved.

(LorrdexPL) #154

Rod confirmed she’s the protagonist at Inside Xbox.

Still expecting at least an act with JD as the playable character.

(chaaze) #155

You know when I’m sitting on my couch (it’s a liege btw) I already payed with my work and my time for my leisure and entertainment. Seeing 10 dissolved lobbies per hour, quitters, spongers, AFKers… Would you be entertained or would you complain and make some questions? It’s more toxic ignoring the major issues, oh let’s go buy some new packs…

If 5 don’t bring any superior MP over this one, won’t be Gears for me anymore, won’t buy it won’t play it. And let’s be clear, Tactics and Pop are steering away from the backbone of Gears, online VS MP. Wasting “engineering workhours” for kids playing angry birds style GoW on tablets? I mean… LOL

(gigidyimonaboat) #156

I don’t think we can really read to much into her attitude at this point… It seems that quite a bit has happened between the end Of Gears 4 and this. All of the characters had a much different attitude then what they did (just based on this short snip) JD seems like he’s aged, he’s scarred, he has some funk going on with his arm… He and Del don’t seem to have the same relationship. Kait lost her mom, joined the COG, and has been undergoing what seems to be some changes and things are not right for her… So her attitude I think fits pretty perfect. Not to mention she appears to lose someone important in the beginning (please let it be Oscar) so state of mind there again… A lot going on :wink:

(GhostofDelta2) #157

I agree with your sentiments about time passing and that hopefully the characters will have grown and changed. I cannot stress enough how much I hope its Oscar in that body bag.

(xFribbo) #158

As much as I love the Gears games and how they can never be topped, the game does need to change because it can’t stay the same forever it’s after the locust war and it’s all about survival they will have to adapt use new methods to get around, I also saw people saying how the rappelling is like Tomb Raider which I agree but with seen grapple hooks In the past it’s no big deal.

(LorrdexPL) #159

Oh yeah, because militaries don’t use grapple hooks…

You can’t help some people, mate :wink:

(xFribbo) #160

Literally lol the games world is going to be more open so we are gonna have to need tools to be able to get our way around, some people are never happy. We also need change because if it’s only like the other games it will get boring and start to ruin the franchise.

(mizzelphug) #161

3 lead characters and 3 new gen games focused around each one’s story:

Gears4 JD
Gears5 Kait
Gears6 Del

(GhostofDelta2) #162

Does anyone at all want Del as a lead character?

(xxDAMRONxx) #163

Most of the problems you refer to are problems created by the community. The gears player base is full of cowards who quit, abuse lag, and cheat.

I rarely play a game where lag is an issue for me personally.

(mizzelphug) #164

Given the other 2 character choices I would gladly take a Del based game.

(xArjenRobben10x) #165

You act like they’re doing this for free. This idea that the paying customers should be grateful is laughable. The only ones who need to be grateful are them that people might still buy their game after the shambles that Gears 4 has been.

(Capta1nMorgan01) #166

We’re you even listening to Rod Ferguson? He said players will assume control of Kait on stage.

(III EnVii III) #167

Haha yeah so much truth :raised_hands: