Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(DropzOfCrimzon) #127

So uhm, does anyone have a link to Rod Fergusson hinting at a split campaign? I’m not a super fan of playing the WHOLE game as Kait. Yes, I dislike playing as a woman in general (just not my cup of tea, sorry…
But I’m ok with it if it is done like in judgement where it is only partial) and Kait in particular just grated on my nerves a lot in gears 4

(xxDAMRONxx) #128

Just play as the 2nd player then if it bothers you so much.

It’s funny to me y’all have ANY input on how a creator can choose to tell their story and their project.

All of you constant complainers on this site need to get together and you can put the work in to make a game just the way you like it. Just to have little ■■■■■ like you come and tell you how bad it is

(DropzOfCrimzon) #129

Please do point out how and where I did any of what you said in your post. I asked a question, explained and explained why I asked it. Also, I do not play co op so that option does not exist for me.

(o0 RATTLECAT 0o) #130

Obviously i’ll reserve judgement until I see more like whether it has a decent horde mode, a time attack mode like beast mode and maybe if i’m lucky, an arcade mode too but the trailer didn’t really do much for me in all honesty. At least with game pass I don’t have to part with £80 to be left feeling slightly disappointed.
In truth I was more excited by Tactics but that isn’t on Xbox :confused:

(xLooneyisCrazyx) #131

This game is going in the right direction to me plus i dont mind playing as kait i want to know more about her, we played as jd in gears 4 so we need to know as much information we can about the people we are playing with. Plus you never know what you find about kait may shock or surprise you me i am in for a shicker cant wait to play this game.

(EarnedDock922) #132

Just a reminder to anyone saying Day 1 buy. Dont forget the bs pulled with any of the season pass buyers, split weapon tuning, and RNG crap.

(Ektope) #133

Why would this matter if players just want to support the franchise?

(Chvnx) #134

Couldn’t wait for the action! Not a campaign kinda guy and that looked awesome!

Please TC just get your networking code in order!..PLEASE!

(EarnedDock922) #135

Then you are literally saying you’re happy with whatever mediocre experience they give you.

As a day 1 collectors edition buyer I felt ripped off, and so did a lot of season pass holders.

Why would I support those practices again?

(Riboson) #136

After watching the reveal yesterday I found myself excited for a Gears game again. It feels like they’re moving to new directions, the characters look better and I’m interested in the story. And it has that kind of scary feel of the first games.

There’s a good chance this could actually be the revival of the franchise, imo.

(villa casual 42) #137

So we saw what 3 minutes. Because there gonna shiw us the best bits of the game in the world premiere.
So that’s it game over the franchise is dead. Let’s all play the division 2.

At the end of gears 4 campaign I was like holly hell.
Now we get to see the next chapter that looks like its carrying on from that.
As far as I’m aware this is another trilogy and in the last it took Dom 2 games to find maria,and 3 games for Marcus to find out that Adam was still alive and trying to save the world.

So for me this is going in the right direction as we’ll hopefully find out more about this connection between kait and the locust.
But I think it will be the next game ( 6 ) that we’ll get all the answers…
I don’t think there’s much of a war going on now because they’ve dropped the " of war " in the title.
That’s my opinion and until I see more I’m sticking with it.

(Directive 10289) #138

No. I like the remake of JD. He is older, has a scar across his face and something going on with his arm. He isn’t a young punk anymore. I will actually play as him in Gears 5.

(BadLuckBenjamin) #139

I think this forum design is going in the wrong direction . . .I still miss Epic games forum

OP I don’t think its a problem tbh, I mean yeah there might be a ‘non-traditional’ campaign but who’s say it’ll be the only campaign ?

  • cough * * cough * aftermath 2.0 ?? ( kind of )

  • cross your fingers pray, and you’ll get lucky *

(Directive 10289) #140

I usually pay for something that is worth value to me. If the Coalition had a gofundme page for themselves would you contribute?

(Directive 10289) #141

People are allowed to have differing opinions. Being a fanboy is toxic.

(Directive 10289) #142

Whatever happened to that guy that loved Kait? I think his name was KaitDiaz1 and said how he idolized her because she possessed all the traits he aspired to? He also kept on asking for Kait to be the lead in Gears 5. I am sure he is happy now.

(Fierce Ryuuko) #143

No that’s completely wrong. He was court-martialled because he left his post during the battle of Ephyra with the hammer of dawn, costing them the battle. He left trying to save his father.

(Directive 10289) #144

We don’t know what the multiplayer or horde will look like. We saw a trailer for the campaign. I am more interested in Horde and MP as that is where I will spend most of my hours playing.

(Dancovich) #145

Can’t agree with OP. One big reason I thing Gears 2 was a stronger game was because although it wasn’t trying to win an Oscar it did have a heavier emotional impact and tried to tell the story better. Gears 3 continued that trend with one of the strongest moments of that game being what happens to Dom.

The game needs a good story to back it up as much as it needs to evolve it’s gameplay, Gears 5 seems to be going in a good direction.

(Noodie 5) #146

Guess Marcus is a spoiled brat because this exact thing landed him in the Slab and wiped out a platoon.

Kate doing this will help everyone solve what the hells going on