Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(gigidyimonaboat) #107

I’m really hoping that big sack of covered dead meat at the beginning is Oscar… I did not like his character at all… I think the trailer looked amazing…

(Ektope) #108

I think the one in background might not be related to JD.
Could just be an Outsider that looked similar with blonde hair.
If they were related, it would mean JD having a kid and that could be 10+ years after Gears 4.
Doesn’t make sense.
The one in Armour saying ‘FENIX’ is obviously JD.

(DarkChaoz95) #109

You know I was just joking right? XD

But they probably just reused his old style and make it as an outsider look for villagers

(SLyTaNicX) #110

the thing is as we discussed before i hope this is not end up like gears 4 intro scene which everyone’s looks exactly the same.
also i’m pretty sure you also though about similarity between helmetless female uir and new jd looks ,
Helmetless uir female with facial hair plus scars = new jd looks

(Wratheux) #111

agreed, Gears 5 looks great, I reallly hope Kait is the main character for it, as she had the most character in 4.

(cribbel) #112

Looks amazing. The characters look stuningly good. And Finally they did something about the robots. OMG! Thank you very much. What to do untill its release. Im hyped and also surprised that you guys are delivering so early. Big up!

(SLyTaNicX) #113

he looks like older version of General Raam or it could be some sort of flash back, maybe swarms revive General Raam corpse.

(Lambent Lucky) #114

So we get to find out why the Queen was the Queen and a human through Kait’s dreams and being called to where it all began on E-Day and you think it’s going in a wrong direction? I think it’s going in a perfect direction and will answer questions us fans have had for over a decade. We know Marcus and JD story. I’m sure we will know how Anya died soon enough with a hole trilogy revolving around the Fenix bloodline.

The story TC is telling is a lot more deep and interesting than that of JD.

(Duffman GB) #115

What I would love to see return is 4 player co-op. Judging by the reveal it is going to be 2 player again. I know that is its roots but I loved 3 and J in 4 player.
Gears 3 on insane with 3 other buddies remains my most cherished gaming memory of all time…and I have been playing since Vic 20 days! also mutators and arcade need to return for replayability. I think I have played Gears 4 campaign the least amount of any in the series.

(o0o Drumcode o0) #116

Perhaps the locusts were running biological experiments with humans during the war and Kaits’ mom got pounded by a locust to give birth to a hybrid Kait. The locust gene remains dormant inside Kaits body and it slowly takes over until she completely mutates to swarm/locusts. The swarm/locusts plans to defeat the humans. I wonder if Myra was pounded by any locusts?

(BigErnM) #117

Capta1nMorgan01 is on the money here. The Coalition just keeps going farther and farther from what made this series my favorite of all time. I guess their thinking goes like this “Let’s stick with our roots and go with open world gaming and melee combat.” WTF? I agree looks like Tomb-Raider, only not in a good way because I like those games. So grateful that I had already planned on Gears 4 being my last game of the series. When you have made me hate Gears and swear to never play another one, that takes a lot. This developer has managed to thumb their nose at loyal fans at every turn, instead catering to some other people on these forums or something that request all kinds of ridiculousness. Please we want more non-retroactive achievements 2 years after game release with no new content whatsoever since day 1. No new campaign chapters, no new horde classes. Rehashes of old maps, and skins to buy? Now they are going to expand the Gears brand with turn based strategy? Mobile games, What next Angry Birds Gears Edition, Locust Candy Crush? Actually I know it will be Gears battle Royale 100 player versus. That worked well for Cliffy Bs new company.

(SuperStevie09) #118

i was excited after the trailer. the characters had more design to them. Except Marcus which was wierd he has no beard. the giant locust was cool, and the hybrid swarm mech things reminded me a bit of resident evil 6. Which i’m all for and can imagine working. adding some more horror, but not too much.

Just a shame that the first comment i see for gears 5 on the gears of war forum is negative.

(mizzelphug) #119

I felt no attachment to Kait, but the story is going in the obvious direction of where 4 left off so I can’t complain .

I’m just glad everyone looks bulky and jacked on Vitamin-S again.
I’m guessing JD loses his arm at some point and there is some kind of medical reconstruction going on in there. (not turning locust as someone above speculated)

There are a couple glimpses of UIR tanks and soldiers down in the trailer, so is that the going back to the beginning we’ll see?
Will there be a prologue to explain the years that pass between Gears4 and 5 or will it be told in flashbacks?


To be fair we didn’t find that out until after Gears 1. The first game was just about war and ending it.


As far as Gears 5 story goes Im all for it but id rather play as the new JD or marcus but whatever im sure the story will be good regardless . Im more concerned with the multiplayer.

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Thread closed, lol.

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[quote=“V7K1NG, post:94, topic:1870, full:true”]
The same people who are having a issue with Kait being the "main character "(we don’t know that she is ,that just may be the branch of that part of the arc of the story) are the same people who had a problem with judgement and it’s no locusts MP [/quote]

Hi mate
I’m with you re Kait, I have no problem at all. We have always had strong females in Gears and do not forget Sam is Boss :wink: but can’t agree re J and not having Locust in standard mp and that being evolution, in Gears we fight monsters. Awful decision .

Back to the reveal, I can’t get enough of it! can’t wait, I’m thinking we will get “fall” 2019 as the American’s call it, so Autumn to the UK playerbase. It can’t come soon enough


Also id like to add with kait as the lead we could be playing the origin of a villain for Gears 6. If so, the story will definitely be interesting.

(xxDAMRONxx) #125

Just another example of this toxic community. One video and your already complaining. Be appreciative of all the work they are doing to make this game while your sitting on a couch.

(ll Atlaz ll) #126

So, Kait kills Marcus at the end and she becomes the main villain.