Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

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I think the point they were making is that there is also a fairly small number of players who have reached level 10, indicating that the majority of players who pick the game up are casual fans. Even seasoned PVP players are a comparatively small minority.

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I loved it, don’t care who I control in the campaign. I can play favourites in mp.
I love that the world will be the biggest we have seen, hopefully packed. I want a good 20+ campaign with little to no padding.

I did want 4 player back as I loved it in 3 and even J, specifically the sublime Aftermath.

Let the hype train commence, lastly I like the Kait variant we can get/try to get this week.

(chaaze) #89

So, it’s a forced female main protagonist copy/paste of 4 cushioned in an ocean of new endless wave of packs… Hmmm, I think I’ll wait for MP and its 4-5 updates to see if it any good or not. I guess, in 6 we’ll get Del…

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Yeah JD is looking g hahah armour looking better as well


Saving private Ryan had a war (wwii) and it was about finding a insignificant solider. This is a common concept with story telling.

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Firstly, I’m not sure why you think this is anything like Tomb Raider, they showed us a split second scene where they’re repelling, compared to the rest of what we saw which looks nothing like any Tomb Raider game. Did we not see monsters getting cut up when Kait stabs a new kind of enemy in it’s mouth for it to then explode into guts, this game looks dark, evil and gritty which is what we want, they are quite clearly going back to the New Hope Facility from Gears 2 and Mount Kadar. Which makes sense as that is where it all began for the Locust, this is where Myrrah’s family came from they were scientists at the facility when Miles was there before it was shut down. They will find their answers on how to stop the war there.

People don’t look at the past and the future and see the bigger picture. They just moan and see things they don’t like the look of. The game looks great, the story looks like it’s going in the right direction.

What’s not to like about what we saw.

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They are finally going to answer all the questions about the Locust Origins and im sure the origins of Queen Myrrah ,who could not be excited about that ,after reading thru this thread I can see why gears is in the shape it’s in right now ,this community in general hates change and hates to evolve ,they try and take risks or change something and people crap on it because it’s not how it was 10 years ago ,folks it’s 2018 the story telling is different ,the tech used to make games is different, it’s not 2006 or 2008 any more ,as fun as those games were they are dinosaurs now , I know I for one don’t want to live in the past any more I’m ready to see what the future for gears of war holds, who with me

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The same people who are having a issue with Kait being the "main character "(we don’t know that she is ,that just may be the branch of that part of the arc of the story) are the same people who had a problem with judgement and it’s no locusts MP ,[remember folks it’s called evolution for a reason ] this is why we will never get a pendulum wars /E-Day gears game …people would crap on that in a new York minute

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It is only me, or the scene in the trailer where Kait is being traped by robots in some kitchen has similar feeling as GoW 1 trailer? The overhelm of enemy power, where there seems no hope. The Gears5 might come back to the dark setting as 1 and 2 were. #myTomatoes

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How long have people been asking for answers over Queen Myrrah?

Gears 5 is taking big steps to tell us that This is exactly where the game needs to go.

Come on guys be positive and excited for it.

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Someone gets it

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I completely disagree. However I am pretty open minded and I like to see things evolve and for developers to try different things. I am fired up and excited for Gears 5 it cant get hear fast enough for me!

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All I want is info on Anya…Rod said we’d find out.

And JD…new haircut and arm? What happened? And Oscar dead under the blanket?

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OP overreacting

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It looks good i think interesting that you are going on a journey with Kait back to where it all began.

At the end of the day if you are a Gears fan and you love the Story of the game you will stop moaning and buy it if you dont. Very simple dont buy it.

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Yeah! he also said “he knows what happened to her”. HE KNOOOOWS :thinking:

I bet Griffin had something to do with her passing.

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Let’s play the campaign first, and then pass judgements on the direction. There’s always a complaint if this change in a franchise and the same happens when there’s no change.

This whole thread is pointless unless you’ve player the campaign.

(Get Farmed Kid) #104

Its not a big change tho just going on a Story with Kait too find out the lore and Story next game will prop be JD

(SLyTaNicX) #105

i believe this is the right path they going through. i also found young jd in the trailer which i’m pretty sure he is place holder.

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Yeah seen the yesterday, or is he the REAL JD? :stuck_out_tongue: