Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(Ektope) #62

In the room full of DeeBee’s, Kait was kinda creeping or something.
Not sure if that’s a new movement mechanic, or just happens naturally in that room.


my first instinct too this vid was…great 3 games of kait learning, becoming and getting destroyed as locust/swarm queen, friends and I have been discussing this since gears 4 campaign ended. there tc saved you tons of development time lol

(Slipping Flames) #64

Sometimes the campaign has some actions that aren’t present in MP. Doesn’t she trash something with a slam? I’ll go back and rewatch.

(SamHain13x) #65

The trailer does gives the impression they are setting her to become the villain. They do start with whinny talk like that. Or could be just baiting us.

(Ektope) #66

Or seems to be getting herself killed.
Who knows, she might end up discovering something at New Hope Facility, that could be used or to help fight off against the enemies.
She might discover the Swarm’s weakness.

(Capta1nMorgan01) #67

Bullets, explosives, and chainsaws are their weakness. What more do we really need?

(DRGY55) #68

I mean, isn’t that the point? We literally see her point a gun at Del lol.

(Ektope) #69

Maybe, but I mean on a large scale.
There might be a hierarchy in ranking of Swarm, or megastructures.
It’s like with soldiers army and a Queen/Generals leading them.
Without the higher orders, the rest falls apart.
Kinda like how Adam discovered about using Imulsion Countermeasure on Locust/Lambent.

(DarkChaoz95) #70

Kinda make sense because for me Gears 4 was too cautious and there was barely any unique changes.

(chainsawsquirel) #71

too little, then too much. I’ve no complaints about gears 4’s campaign tho, I thought it was awesome. This is just a little too much change I think. I’m excited to explore all the new stuff, I love that. But after maybe a few months of playing gears 5 is when it’ll either start to feel like a genuine gears game, or it’ll feel like something else.

(FrienofthedeviL) #72

idk I was hyped for today but after seeing that trailer and hearing Kaits the main… I’ve played this game since Gears 1 and bought an Xbox for that and bought and Xbox one for gears 4…

I’m disappointed af. Doesn’t seem like gears to me but I guess we’ll see. :frowning:

(Ahvestro) #73

RITE!. like my god how do people by pass that. and think of the things shes going to find out. and how things could unfold.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #74

Lorr, if you think the majority of hours in Gears are spent in campaign, I think you’re terribly mistaken. People run through the campaign once or twice. MP players log in some major hours.

Achievement tracking is about the most inaccurate way you could use to measure this as Gears players are not playing the campaign for hours every night like they are MP.

(Mann360) #76

am i allowed to say this ?, if not, oh well, f*** it lol_thats CLEARLY Oscar in the body bag, i mean its a no-brainer, thats it .

(Embry Starred) #78

I concur I liked gears 4 and it played it way to safe but as long as its humans vs monsters versus, 1 weapon tuning at the end of the day I will be happy. The only thing I am extremely cautious about it kait being the lead as I have said publicly I do not buy it at all because kait is not really fleshed out and we already established JD and now when they change him for what looks like the better they put him as supporting cast…it seems to step a little to far away from the originals in terms of lead cast but I am definitely stoked regardless

(diablo vs24) #79

Didn’t the presenter say something about a split campaign on two fronts. If so it may be like the Halo 2 Master Chief/Arbiter style campaign.

(camakazic258) #80

People are saying it’s gonna answer the origins of the Locust.
Uhm, we already know. They were evolved from the Sires at the New Hope facility and Myrrah was one of the children who wasn’t mutated too much. Boom, nuff said.

(iRespect L8) #81


(AssasinZAssasin) #83

To be honest I’ve kind of given up caring and accepted that I just can’t like these characters after seeing them be so annoying or bland in 4.
I’ll probably only buy it just so i can have some fun with solid gameplay and a friend playing with me probably on split screen, and also we can both complain to each other about the story, so that sounds fun at least.

JD looks a little better though, showing at least something interesting, what with his arm… and possibly Del too, seemingly having grown enough of a personality to say he wants to do something of his own volition and not having it feel forced like that lift scene in 4. Kait still seems the same though, a whiny lil b**** . And you say she’s the MC?

I will be real happy, however, if this turns out to just be a set up to make her the baddie in GOW6, and then let us stab her to death then. Or just cut out her tongue so she stops talking.

One possible bright side for me in the video though was that there is a possibility that the person who died at the start was Oscar! Yeah, just kill him off, no one cared for or even liked him anyway.

(Bakspatel) #85

Honestly, way too soon to already complain about the campaign.
It actually explains a lot about the Gears 4 campaign, about how ‘blunt’ it felt: they’ve already stated while the previous saga had to be planned game-by-game, they had the luxury for this saga to plan ahead. It feels like Gears 5 will be taking place at least an year, probably more, after 4 and you require quite some story telling first before moving on to something like Gears 5.
And honestly, no war? Can’t you see the settlement being overrun in the trailer? Perhaps it’s not on the scale of the locust war (but honestly, it’s difficult to top a war which nearly eradicated the human race), but Gears 1 started 14 years after that war started. This one will be at the beginning of a new one.