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Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(mizzelphug) #312

Calm down, Gus.
You’re replying to a 9month old thread that has since devolved into something else.


Yup, this guy is the epitome of calmness

(mizzelphug) #315

(l2l HAVOK l2l) #316

What happen gus, decided not to reply back cause you got hit with some facts


Phug responded with a very appropriate gif

(mizzelphug) #318

I have this mundane ability I learned in grade school which allows me to infer tone and extrapolate other information from the written word. People in general have been able to do it for several millennia.

Just keep trolling the waters. You might get other fish to bite.

(l2l HAVOK l2l) #319

Oh I ain’t a troll lol but good one…you have quite the super power as well…too bad your not very good at using it lol


Wow! You also have to power to make your intellectual opponents lose commonsense and and type up illogical responses.
I stand in awe of your power

(mizzelphug) #321

Is English your tertiary language?

I’m just curious as you have yet to use the correct form of you’re (i.e. you+are) in any of your statements. It’s an acceptable excuse if that’s the case.

I’m still leaning toward you trolling for the sake of doing so with all the tiny digs peppered throughout your statements.

Either way, have a good day.

(mendigo2005) #331

You just figured what happened to JD’s arm