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Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(mizzelphug) #312

Calm down, Gus.
You’re replying to a 9month old thread that has since devolved into something else.


Yup, this guy is the epitome of calmness

(mizzelphug) #315

(l2l HAVOK l2l) #316

What happen gus, decided not to reply back cause you got hit with some facts


Phug responded with a very appropriate gif

(mizzelphug) #318

I have this mundane ability I learned in grade school which allows me to infer tone and extrapolate other information from the written word. People in general have been able to do it for several millennia.

Just keep trolling the waters. You might get other fish to bite.

(l2l HAVOK l2l) #319

Oh I ain’t a troll lol but good one…you have quite the super power as well…too bad your not very good at using it lol


Wow! You also have to power to make your intellectual opponents lose commonsense and and type up illogical responses.
I stand in awe of your power

(mizzelphug) #321

Is English your tertiary language?

I’m just curious as you have yet to use the correct form of you’re (i.e. you+are) in any of your statements. It’s an acceptable excuse if that’s the case.

I’m still leaning toward you trolling for the sake of doing so with all the tiny digs peppered throughout your statements.

Either way, have a good day.

(mendigo2005) #331

You just figured what happened to JD’s arm

(CrAZYVIC333) #332

I feel on the STORY-MODE dont cut their creativity otherwise we will end having the SAME GAME over and over until gears 10.

1.- Story-Mode should be 2 players max to increase the graphics-quality at level of God of war 4 at least. Having 4 characters increase too much the resources used on the PC&Console.

2.- 4 players vs PvE modes: Horde, Horde similar to L4D2, Etc.

3.- Keep the multiplayer modes like always fun and arcade but use the competitive settings to make a skilled game instead of another CoD clon where a single shot kill you

4.- A battle royal mode using core-settings etc

But yeah guys is necessary inovate sometimes same thing always gets boring

(DiMarz) #333

You need to know the actual numbers and not procentages.
IF Gears 3 sold like 27 million copies and Gears 4 sold 5 million.

(MsCherrybomb61) #334

Someones masculinity is threatened. Boohoo, Kait is the main character in the game. Get over it. Its called story progression. Wont be a shock if Del is the main character in gears 6.

(MsCherrybomb61) #335

I make the same comment. Someones masculinity is threatened. How fragile can it be that you complain about having the main character be a girl? Can I make a guess that you play as Anya or Sam or Kait in multiplayer or do you play as big strong manly Cole or Tai? Do you feel shame playing as girl?

(Duffman GB) #336

Sam is the ONLY cog to play as :wink:
and she would kick Delta squad’s arsee.

Sam and the Queen are my go to in mp.
In J tends to be Sofia or Alica.

(Duffman GB) #337

I do wonder, I would think that story arc would be finished by 5. I would not be totally surprised if Del or less likely JD dont make it to 6.


I hope that JD, Del, and Kait don’t make it to 6. They are all beyond obnoxious :joy:

(III EnVii III) #339

I wanna see SwaRAAM - he fell into a huge amount of Imulsion so must be coming back :eyes:

(Buster McTunder) #340

I’d say the same goes with the new SW trilogy. Like if you look at Palpatine or Myrrah’s voice in G1, nobody knew what they were about. And we had to wait for them to be explained. But now with G4 and Snoke not being explained people are getting angry when an answer is coming…it really is.

(Buster McTunder) #341

No he’s dead. Imulsion infects living things, but has never been seen to infect a dead thing.