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Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

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Gears 3 didn’t sell 27 million copies lol. It sold 8 million.

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To be fair, those percentages are based off of the site’s users rather than the overall population.

In Gears 3: “Ready for More,” the achievement for completing all Acts, has a completion rate of 34.09%. “Level 50” is 12.53%.

In Gears 4: “Ready for More,” which is the same thing, has a completion rate of 27.86%. “Level 50” is 11.85%.

Furthermore, one should consider that circumstances are different now than they were in 2011. On one hand, the Xbox 360 had sold considerably more units than the Xbox One has (Microsoft doesn’t post unit sales anymore, but this is a fair assumption) so that’s less consoles to sell copies for. On the other hand, the existence of a PC version and Games Pass have created new opportunities to get people to play the game.

In either event, it is difficult to make comparisons between the two games based on these statistics alone and whatever they suggest is likely far more complicated than that. Internally, however, is a little more revealing: about 29.08% of Gears 4 players have made it to level 10—meaning, roughly the same number of people have played through a 6-8 hour campaign as there have been those who played an hour or so of versus.

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He said “IF” as in “This whole statement is a hypothetical example.”
Came through clear to me anyway.

Achievement percentages are created the instant you load a game under your profile; Regardless of play time or attempts. i.e. You could insert the gears4 disc into your xbox while your kid is logged in and the game boots before you switch to your profile. Now his account is contributing to those play percentages even though he never actually played the game. Same goes with all those dummy accounts people use for boosting.

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Which furthers my point that it is difficult to quantify anything between two games released under vastly different circumstances based on completion percentages alone.

The overall statistics are very broad and doesn’t consider what the market was like during 2011 vs now. Metrics provided through Trueachievements conversely is much narrower because, first, players need to have consciously linked their Xbox accounts with the website and, second, the site caters to a particular group of players: those who want to earn achievements, so, naturally, the data will be skewed much higher.

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I know I’m a few months off, but this is exactly what I see. I rewatched the trailer and it feels very lore heavy. While I’m sure we’ll get the perspectives of both JD (who will be the grit and gore aspect) and Kait, the game is meant to tell a story of Sera. They’ll probably go further in depth on the Sire experiments and Myrrah. I don’t think we have enough gameplay and footage yet to make any “for sure” statements.

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Hi friend, while i share exactly everything you posted there is one point i would like to address and that is nostalgia that is exactly where they went wrong ,im all for new things but i also believe in if it ain’t broken dont try and fix it.the first 3 gears made you feel part of delta squad as if you were living the problem with them it was areal movie if you will.The campaigns were long and always kept you on your toes the chemistry between the main characters was fantastic that was the magic that made the games tha

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To that i say long live EPIC the company that gave us GEARS,it is sad to say but if not for egos in the coalition we could have had more of the same instead of a short lame campaign with absolutely no gore,no feelings,definitely no chemistry ,I mean lets face it im an old timer of the game say what you want but that gears 4 game came to life when Marcus came in the picture .Now its all about multiplayer and how to maximize money.

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If they would have went 15 years in the future and use delta again it would have been a much smarter move after all they say it was time for something new and yet all the swarm are ,are modified locust that are just lame .DELTA forever maybe Rod Fergusons can put away his ego and deliver maybe the horde mode llike in gears 3 maybe a long campaign so we get our moneys worth and please no robots :tired_face:my opinion .take care


Why does everything have to have a female lead now jeez, this is not inspiring me to keep an eye on the progress of gears 5 already -1pt.

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Does playing as a female character in a video game make you feel emasculated or something?


Nope. Gillette did that to me😂

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Sounds like you cut your balls while shaving while stood up. Shoulda sat down to do it. :joy:

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NEVER shave with a Buzzkill.


Sadly yes, but fortunately I found all three of them!

@GhostofDelta2- yeah, that is just about the worst razor to use…“hey JD, have you seen Del lately?” “No Kait, didn’t you hear? He didn’t survive his morning shave…

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But a Lancer bayonet is okay I guess?

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I could totally see Marcus shaving with a lancer

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In Gears5 Marcus is deep into his hormone replacement therapy as he transitions to a strong female lead who don’t need no man, so staying clean shaven will be a must.


Thank you Phug. That was beautiful…

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I disagree with you 100%…the 3rd reply to this thread shut this whole thing down and basically made this entire thread pointless…makes me think you haven’t played Gears for all thag long to even say such nonsense…and hey big shocker, you haven’t played the game yet