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Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(Alekaum Live) #271

Agree. Gears is about fear, darkness, fight something odd with few weapons, taking care where you step… Not this cartoonish way the series is getting. It´s an adult game, for sake!

This makes me think why Cliff B left the project.

(ChintzyCain47) #272

O que realmente importa para nois e a porcaria do multiplayer melhor que o 4 e ponto final.

(Maru MDQ) #273

Actually I kind of like they showing us more stuff about Gears World. In past Gears you could enjoy Sera’s architecture (Gears 1 , Judgment and UE), Locust’s World and some exterior Sera’s too (Gears 2 and 3). With 4 we were taken post Sera’s pseudo extinction (now with those wind flares and also we get to see new architecture with Fundation and also the old one with museums and stuff) more nature and even some crazy animals. It’s an expansion of the World and I like the idea of exploring it. Gears 5 seems to take us through more natural passages an old war scenarios (UIR tanks?) and someone told me they were going back to some old Gears 2 places. Who knows? I’m digging it. And when I miss it I just play the old ones.

I had to put the nostalgia glasses away, this is something new and it’s not bad, it’s different. Give it a chance (says someone who is very attached to nostalgia,well, myself).

(ShadowDragon899) #274

Kait being the main character at all is a terrible idea imo. If they were going to put such emphasis on her, they should have done that in the Gears 4. I’m glad they didn’t get rid of Marcus though, and hope they never do. The original characters are the only real reason I care much about the story at this point.

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #275

Guess the horde still needs a queen! I don’t mind her being the story line as long as it ties into something bigger and better. Any improvement will be better than what we got in gears 4. Hopefully they go big. Horde needs to be better ,Overall state of multiplayer needs to be better. Season pass and so on. If 5 isn’t better and more in depth than 4 this Franchise is done.

(mizzelphug) #276

Regardless of story direction, I just want some kind of campaign replay value…

Other than for achievements, there was no reason to play the Gears4 campaign again. It’s the exact same story and no further insight or details are gained by a second play through. Gears 3 had arcade mode which created a competitive feel so it at least felt like you were doing something different. Plus you could gain XP toward MP progress. Judgment had the declassified challenges which added some variation to the mix.

Whether it’s alternate pathways that actually change the direction of the story or the version of the story told is dependent on the difficulty setting, I would like some kind of incentive for playing the campaign more than once. (Maybe a good or bad ending based on performance?)

Even +30year old video games used this kind of system so it’s not really a stretch. i.e. Getting the true ending on your 2nd play through in The Legend of Zelda.

(ReaganSmash1985) #278

Gears is the best game series out there. I have yet to be disappointed by them and the trailer for Gears 5 looks very promising to me. I can’t wait!


I’m still not over the fact that Anya had an off screen death. I want to know more about JD’s backstory and what all happend at settlement 2. I’m perfectly fine with the direction gears is going but fill the gaps from gears of War 4.

(ll R E D l) #280

I completely agree. Anya was a major character in the games and the books so to kill her off screen is disrespectful to her character. I know a lot of us want to know what happened in settlement 2. But to me Anya was more important to get info on. If it wasn’t for the pic of Anya and child JD I could completely understand her dying during childbirth as it was stated a few times that she was barren.

(Circa Darkrage) #281

I feel like Gears 4 left us with more questions than answers, in particular the death of Anya and Settlement 2.

I hope Gears 5 comes with a few more answers. Of course I don’t want to have everything answered, but there are some things that are left unexplored for (imo) little to no reason.

(ColdChris1879) #282

I’m sorry but I just don’t think Kait will be a good protagonist and from what I can see we are just going to be playing a lovey fluffy game with a boring storyline. I’d love to be proven wrong but I can’t see much coming from this game. I feel like a lot of the sad lonely kids that suggest things like “wrestler Kait” skins will defend this to the death because of their imaginary crush. It’s almost as though these kids haven’t been here for any of the past games and just hopped on the GOW bandwagon on GOW4 and don’t know any better than GOW is supposed to be focus on the COG and Locust in a WAR. Not running around wondering about mummy and all this trash. I will keep an open mind about the campaign but if it’s anything like GOW4 it will be disappointing.

(ll R E D l) #283

I think the problem most people have with this is the fact that in Gears 1 you were just thrown into this war. 14 years after it started. Gears 4 there is no war. Its a new threat coming to life. it needs to unfold and progress. I thought the campaign was a good starting point to where they are hopefully going. I bet if Gears started at the beginning of the locust war people would be saying the same things they are saying now.

(Fang18) #284

Interesting comparison here but can you expand on it a bit though?

Gears 1-3 and Judgement was all about it you’re right but that covered E-Day on through to the end of the Human-Locust war with Marcus effectively killing off the lambency and the consequently infected locusts. The war is over now, so now you have to create a new conflict otherwise what is the point of just trying to shell out more of the same old thing?
I’ve played this game since release of its first title as I’m sure many of you all have and yes im very passionate about this game and that gritty hopeless feeling you had as you fought in a humanity’s last stand war scenario. Gears 1 felt desperate, it felt mysterious it felt dark, it was gritty, horrifying, and it was violent. Like you said it was all about you and your squad coming together to butcher some grubs.

But now that war is over, so where do you go from here? I always wanted a Pendulum Wars title for the franchise but instead Coalition is looking to the future and that’s where the success of this game lies. If you were born after such a conflict you’re going to want answers, you’re going to want to dig into your history and that calls for a bit of that as you called “soul searching”.
It gives the series a chance to build new lore, and a chance to set the stage for a potentially even bigger crisis.
I understand, it’s not the game you used to know but I still see that it has the same Gears violence we all know and love. This upcoming title has potential to set Gears on a path towards bigger and more exciting conflicts and back on track with that squad level violence you so crave. Just give it a chance, it hasnt even been released yet. I’m sure the developers are doing their best to set the Gears universe up for success

TLDR: this is only setting the stage for more classic gears of war scenarios just give the game a chance


Yeah, but the emphasis was on stopping the Locust, not on Marcus’ personal story. Etc etc, for Dom…

(J4CKA1) #286

there’s multiple story arcs in the saga… that’s part of what makes the story good and not ultra boring. In 5, it looks like Kait’s personal story answers will tie directly into how to stop the locusts again. Seems legit to me.

(illusoryMage) #287

Platoon? He lost them the entirety of the Ephyra… You know that entire setting of Gears 1 ? Marcus’ fault it’s that lovely shade of brown.

(I gobi I) #288

so the 3rd gears was the best. agreed :smiley:

(MrXboxlivenoob) #289

Its definitely not what it used to be.

(DiMarz) #290

You need to know the actual numbers and not procentages.
If Gears 3 sold like 27 million copies and Gears 4 sold 5 million.
The reason that someone finished the game could be because the bought it and don’t want to just through there money away so to say.
I think that Gears 3 was the best of gears so far.

(Bleeding Pepper) #291

I think people forget that when Gears first came about, the gaming world was very different. We had no, or very little frame of reference, and Gears was one of the first to get third-person cover based shooting right.

We also had this incredible story, set of characters and lore introduced, and which spanned 10 years of our lives up until GOW4 came out.

What was exciting and new then, is not anymore. The world has moved forward 10+ years. We are all older now. Ask yourself seriously - can you truly muster the same excitement for Gears as younger-you especially given the context? I don’t think we can because the gaming world has changed since. Excitement - yes. But will it be the same? No.

I see two interlinked factors here.

(1) Nostalgia - alot is driven by our own sense of nostalgia and our fond memories of something that we love so much. We became invested in this world and became attached to the characters, their stories, and their journey
The original trilogy was delivered over 4 games including Judgment and we had all this time to get invested in Delta Squad and their journey. Thing is, Delta’s story has been told. Now is the time for someone else’s story.

(2) Unrealistic and Unattainable Expectations - I think we’re at a point that many other franchises have experienced in the past in other media, where it’s difficult to move forward. There are fans who are finding it hard to move on from the original trilogy because they were so invested in the lore and the universe. Anything new that pops up will almost certainly be compared to something from the original. And TC are in a difficult position of having to please fans, write a story amd characters that are compelling; and keep the game play fresh but also true to the genre they helped to define.