Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(The Munkey) #251

I dont mind the direction. You could say thats what Gears 1-3 were good for. Luckily theyre still great to play today.

Like some other people have said though, Im not a big Kait fan. I didnt like the tweeny bopper trio of Gears 4, and Kait was the worst of them. They look a little more grown up this time around, so hopefully the story is a little more gritty.

(DrunkinChaps44) #252

I think Kait’s story is the most interesting element at this point in time and I am looking forward to uncovering the secrets of her ancestry. I would like a few chapters with Marcus and JD together slaying Swarm. It would be a great moment for them to bond and forJD’s character to come into his own. I assume the series will be returning to JD in Gears 6 so it would be unwise to completely set him asside. It would be cool if they set it up where Marcus offically passes the torch to his son as the COG’s number 1 a$$kicker so when Gears 6 rolls around its go time. It would be even better if they go full evil and have Kait take the mantel as the Queen setting up a great and emotional show down for the last of the trilogy.

(diablo vs24) #253

Very few games would have players sticking around for 2.5 yrs just for the campaign. MP, even when poorly done (not referring to Gears 4), often gets added to games as a means to extend player interest.

It’s usually the campaign that draws players in, and the MP that keeps them returning.

(JITheThunder) #254

What other decision can be after gears 4 storyline. DEL as main character and Kait will help him to find her past. lol.

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(Buster McTunder) #256

Agreed. While recently Gears has been missing the “War” part, the series has always been deeply rooted in Characters and their lore and stories. Look at the characters, not a single one looks the same. Other than A & B Carmine. But even those two have different personalities.

I love this franchise for it’s deep character lore, and that’s what JD, Del, and Kait were lacking in Gears 4.

JD has entered back into a militaristic survival mindset. ignoring his friend’s mental physique, in order to protect his people and get the job done. Sorta like Marcus in G1 and Reyna in G4.

Del seems like the catalyst for the player. It’s Kait’ s journey. But he’s a supporting friend along for the ride.

Kait does need to soul search. Don’t complain about it. Plenty of other characters have disappeared in order to do the same.

I think Gears 5 is going in the absolutely RIGHT direction. Story seems interesting. Like G2, this is the second game in this new trilogy. This is where we get in-depth character story-telling, and more info on our baddies. Can’t wait. And after TC hired a team specifically
for Gears 5. I think it’ll be good. Or at least, hope.

Plus–off topic but can I point out those visuals?
G1 - Grey and Brown, some luminous yellow.
G2 - Literally the same. Some bright green.
G3 - Brown and Yellow. Some blue and greens.
G4 - Heavy blue and green. Lovely bright colors mixed with the Swarm’s red and pink.
G5 (Trailer) - Did you see those colors?? Blue, red, green. Whole fauna and scenes set up with amazing colors! Like that sulfuric/desert red at the abandoned UIR base. Love the bright baby blue of the ice.And the lush green in the jungle. Just. Ugh. Haven’t seen such pretty colors in a violent game since Toussaint. Love it.

(ll R E D l) #257

my problem wasnt that it was no locusts in judgement mp, its that it was cog vs cog with some of those sikins i couldnt tell who was on my team. I would love a pendulum wars game

(S IK O IR G E) #258

What does this actually mean though?

I remember a lot of people saying this back in the day, but I never quite grasped it.

It is because it looks like a Licker on steroids or something else? Gears and RE both have a multitude of monsters and creatures and I don’t really see the distinction when talking about some of the B.O.W.s and monsters in Gears.

GoW4 lacked in the design of the enemies, but what makes the Pouncer more RE than just any old generic dog-type enemy?

(Saber Skywalker) #259

Couldn’t agree more

(mizzelphug) #260

I’ve said this about the Gears 5 trailer as well.
Resident Evil has that mutated and overtly Japanese aesthetic to it - tentacles, asymmetrical proportions, exaggerated limbs… (some of which came into gears with the lambent fairly enough)

Gears originally had bulky animals that felt like they were part of the world.
Tickers, blood mounts, corpsers, brumaks, seeders, and even wretches had that zoo animal level of domestication to them where they are mostly wild but can still be corralled, harnessed, and commanded. They feel like they would easily exist without handler interference.

I don’t get that feeling from the new enemies.
They just seem like monsters for the sake of needing monsters in the game.

Hard to deny a RE influence though. In all fairness, Cliffy originally wanted a survival horror game so maybe that’s just what they are trying to get back to?

(dli89) #261

Thanks for your opinion and I agree with your words. From the opinion of my own, Coalition may think about launching the new Gears of War telling the story about the events before the war between Locust Horde. Or I could say the human civil war between COG and USIR. I do believe they can provide a very attractive story. Hope the work can be developed and published in future.

(XpectoPatr0num) #262

Did you not play 2 the whole game was a personal issue finding doms wife.

(Duffman GB) #263

Direction wise, I just want a totally expanded campaign with loads of new areas as well as nods to the past.
Hopefully TC has taken motivation from the slew of AAA story games that have released since 4.

To be fair most are Sony, but it shows you can have a content rich campaign that last well over the 20h mark.

I’m thinking the other GOW, Horizon ZD, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, the list goes on.

To date the most varied campaign by a mile is Gears 3, and that was/is epic. I want to get lost in the lore and want to replay (arcade+mutators need to come back) again and again, which I have not done with 4.

(J4CKA1) #264

Agreed. 3 felt like the most complete campaign. I loved also that every activity drove progress on SOMETHING, if not only XP.

(iLegendairy Cow) #265

To me, Gears 5 feels a lot like Gears 2. I mean it in a sense where 2 strayed from the “War” aspect a bit and started to delve more so into the lore of the Gears universe. We find out who the Locust are, what their motives kind of are, etc. We are also shown more of a sentimental side with Dom’s story line. His search for answers (which is literally the title of the mission) and his wife. While the story pieces weren’t huge, they showed that there was more to Gears than Gore and Violence. But at the same time, the game reminded you of its brutal world and was still an amazing game to play.

That’s what I hope Gears 5 does. While I really enjoy a solid story/ campaign, I don’t want it to distract from the original Gears feel. It should still be just as brutal, but with a side of lore and emotion to really bring it home. From what I’ve seen in the trailers, it could honestly go either way. Perhaps the campaign has an aspect that focuses on Kait and her journey, while another is on JD and Marcus while they focus on the war. I think that would be a solid decision. Kait’s story gives us the lore and backstory to the new universe (plus some blood and guts), while JD’s is all about that good ol’ Gears brutality.

(Capta1nMorgan01) #266

2 was about fighting the war. Dom was motivated to find his wife but that wasn’t the entire plot. There was like two chapters were you looked for Maria but that was it.

(lnSaNe ShoTZz) #267

please no… i think del is not the best character and is my least out of all the new ones.

(chaaze) #268

My last post here on this board, as Versus player even if I’m payed I won’t touch Gears 5 in no absolutely way. Zero chances even for a million dollars. That much conference I collected during 2 years and 5000 Ranked matches here.

(JTxFang) #269

Good for you?

(BlackheartTexan) #270

It sounds like it’s no different than previous Gears Of War games.