Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

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I’m fairly certain myrrah was one of the scientists researching the sires.

(ImARocketsFan) #231

Its actually not gonna be called “Gears of War 5” from what I heard the title is simply “Gears 5”

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I heard about that too.


To be honest, Gears Of War 4 did not impress me as much as Gears Of War. The gameplay and graphics were amazing. The prologue was 5 out of 5. Unfortunately, after that, the rest of the game felt lackluster and void of immersion. The story and characters “felt” bland, at best.

After Gears Of War story ended, I was hyped for Gears Of War 2 release. The plot captivated me. I thought about the events that unfolded and imagine how the story would play out before GOW2 would be released. I fell in love.

By ending of Gears Of War 4, even after the “big reveal” I sat there,watching the credits roll, thinking 'So that’s the ends. Back to multiplayer. ’ I could feel for the next generation of soldiers. I felt more for First Minister Jinn, and her plans to capture the squad and expose what exactly JD was trained for (I would enjoy seeing her added as a multiplayer character) as a COG.

Gears 5 renewed my excitement for a moment. Then I analyzes the dialogue and realized that this was only a red herring. Kait is not going to become the new queen and she will not kill Del. This feels like a slow drawn process for a mediocrity story. Maybe it’s the way TC underperformed on Gears Of War 4’s storyline that has me feeling this way. Also, the way the conversation played out during the trailer was badly written after Kait and Del’s first contact. Badly written.

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I’d give it time. You’ll NEVER have the original feeling, tbh. You’ve been through the original games already.

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I was the opposite.

I thought after the prologue - Act 1 was terrible.

2-5 was good.

I didn’t see any spoilers so I was genuinely fearful of what would happen to Marcus and also so happy and excited to see the other old characters, now aged, appear.

I was also so shocked at the end as well.

Gears 2 I think had one of the best campaigns but 4 was really good.

5 looks set to be even better. Those Snow and Jungle shots looked amazing :+1:

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I am with you here. I got very sick of the slow robot parts.

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I actually almost gave up it was so slow but glad I stuck it out in the end. You can tell TC added that in for filler …

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At the very least the chapters established what the universe was like without breaking the ‘show, don’t tell’ rule.

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who cares about the story… i am more concerned about he direction MP is going o.O

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It would make sense that they’d go in similar directions, given they both came from TC

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Campaign is far important than multiplayer in the grand scheme of things. The Campaign will sell the majority casuals on the game, something the hardcore community doesn’t seem to understand.

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I agree that it looks good, but they’re not making the game out of the goodness of their hearts, they’re making it to make money.

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He got banned from the forums

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Dude, you are trolling this thread hard. I’d rather have people in the community who speak the truth, than TC apologists who make out that all the problems in the game are because of the players.

Give me a break dude

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Again!? He/she was on this forum not too long ago.

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He got a ban until 3020 IIRC. Seemed a bit harsh imho.

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I understand both sides. But I side more with the community being terrible.

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ya but we all know the only reason people play this gmae is because of MP and its the only reason it lasted this long