Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(III EnVii III) #210

So you just want Gears of War 4 again?

Tbh, if TC didn’t do this then we would still be stuck playing Gears 1 clones …

(Bleeding Pepper) #211

Are you one of those broflakes who sees feminist conspiracies everywhere even if there isn’t one? GOW5 just has a female protagonist. Is all.

(xFribbo) #212

Why have you posted this same comment in two different threads? Got a problem with now the new game is going to be then just don’t buy it that’s a simple solution.

(Junglist Shoota) #213

Well you are in luck! If you own the old gears games you can simply load one up and play away!

(III EnVii III) #214

That’s too much of a sensible idea besides TC needs to change it so that he is happy, forget about telling the best story and all that jazz :+1:

(J4CKA1) #215

I think I might actually do that once GoW5 is close to dropping. Run through GoW1-4 on Casual.

(Junglist Shoota) #216

Get familiar with the while plot again. No at bad idea.

(DropzOfCrimzon) #217

I’m sorry…the more I watch the trailer the more I’m hoping for a split campaign at LEAST 50/50.

She really grates on my nerves

Almost as much as JD’s 180 personality turn around

(x KeNnY x M x) #218

I think for this franchise to move forward then old questions need to be answered, and this is what Gears 5 will do - well one can hope!!

(I2oz Meatwad) #219

I wish their were more things that appealed to my roots as a Gears of War player who has been throughout all five games now…

That being said,
So far the graphics look good even if it’s still that new look. I like Gears to be a horror game so I like dark and dim, this look the opposite so I’ll hope for the best on that front.

-i2oz MeatWad

(SuperStevie09) #220

me too. I wonder or maybe hope that jd and marcus’ story will be the introduction of a new mode. if it isn’t going to be a split campaign. just have to wait and see.

(Ace of Dusk) #221

I first saw the trailer and thought to myself, “Oh man, this looks interesting.The characters are older, Kait is presumably heading to New Hope Research facility or Mount Whatever-it’s-called in search for the origins of the Locust and JD is… injured?” Then I searched “Gears of War 5” on Google and saw an article that read something along the lines of “Still not as many female protagonist as I had hoped for at E3” and “Microsoft rebranding ‘Gears of War’ as ‘Gears’”. What? “OF WAR” is being shaved off the brand? Microsoft says the franchise is still “Gears of War” but it’s going to be officially recognized as “Gears” to be sleeker? And is Gears being used as a progressive vehicle for feminism/equality? Now I’m thinking, “Well I opened my mind enough for one day, ■■■■ this ■■■■ .”

At the end of all this I’m left disappointed but excited. Gears has rebranded in hopes of better identifying itself with deeper stories and influence images of something more than just cogs spinning the gears of war (wink wink). Now my only concern is the idea that “Gears of War” has always used the “of War” part as a template to tell a more intimate story of the “Gears” of the title. Now I know what you’re going to say, “But Ace, why that’s what they are doing! They are telling a more intimate story you idiot !” Yes, they are. But what makes the game feel less of a Gears title isn’t the female protagonist, it’s the template they’re using that gives it a Tomb Raider vibe. The Swarm woke up and we, well at least I was, left assuming that humanity was going to face a global extinction threat once more, leading to a fun and more innovative way of facing the new threat. The COG and The Outsiders would have to band together and the formalities of military would be second to trying to survive as a species. It would almost be the same motive the Locust had in the first trilogy but instead of the Lambent, it’s the Swarm and instead of the Locust, it’s the humans and playing along with the theme, instead of Myra leading the Locust, it’s Kait leading the Humans. The twist at the end of Gears 4 could have been another twist in the idea that leads people to think Myra wasn’t too evil. This could have been revealed in letting Kait realize she has the power to lead and succeed just as Myra had but for the Humans.

Essentially, this game would initiate that plot line and this game would focus on the Humans and the Swarm initiating an all out war. Akin to how Gears 2 made the “of War” feel more prominent. But now instead, they’re dropping the “of War” and we’re left with a character soul searching and no stakes. Marcus did the same. Dom did the same. But there were stakes involved and actual risk of dooming more people than just themselves. If Kait were to die with Del in search of answers, no one was depending on them to clear a landing zone for an invasion of Gears into the Locust homeland.

(Junglist Shoota) #222

I warned many of this modern wave of feminism… They laughed then. They won’t be laughing when it is their personal core beliefs on the chopping block. We live in times when a spoken word can put you in prison. Enjoy!

(DarkChaoz95) #223

I just see him as a supporting character, unless Gears 5 introduces a good story for him which leads him to be the main character in 6, then I’d just leave it to Kait / JD.

(Capta1nMorgan01) #224

No deal with it fribbs it’s my post I’ll call it Mark Twain sodomized a babboon with a waffle iron if I want to

(iTs HeX1c) #225

This is just the campaign, but I feel it’s going in the right direction.

(hotbeatz85) #226

They have a lot of room to Grow more interesting things into the story. I don’t mind the changes they did because it’s all part of the story. Multiplayer will be a different story itself. I just wanna see Battle Royale or OVERRUN.

(EssPooPooFilth) #227

I appauld the changes TC have made to the formula with Gears 5. In today’s world, you have to evolve your game or perish. Gears 5 needs to be an amazing evolution to keep the franchise alive, it needs to achieve a 90+ metascore and captivate the gaming audience.

It can’t just be another Gears game for the hardcore audience because that is a small and sinking community, they need the next Gears of War to be an event and sell millions of copies. It needs to focus on the story/campaign, be like the new God of War.

From what we’ve see of Gears 5, it’s heading in the right direction.

(Capta1nMorgan01) #228

This is exactly what I was trying to say, thanks ace.

(JTxFang) #229

Locust aren’t aliens. They’re just the offspring of lambent humans.