Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

(GhostofDelta2) #189

I imagine she understands she has a connection to the locust/swarm and Marcus has told her to keep that quiet. I would say his lack of reaction is because he has known for a long time.

(Junglist Shoota) #190

One can only imagine the things he learned while inside the pod

(III EnVii III) #191

Oooo never really thought of that.

I wonder what else he knows !!!

(SuperStevie09) #192

wasn’t Marcus’ father pretty close to the locust queen? Been a while since I played the old games but didn’t they work together?

(Ektope) #193

They tried to work together to solve the Lambent problem underground, yes.
During the Locust vs Lambent wars.
Unfortunately. Queen Myrrah probably didn’t have the patience and ended up declaring war on the humans for the grounds above.

(SuperStevie09) #194

ah ok, thanks. My memory is not what it used to be. I’m really interested in seeing how it all unfolds though and if cog has to work along side locust.

(SuperStevie09) #195

definitely. just chose the best way to show the characters and some new stuff. they’ll probably look at the reactions.


Wow some guys here… DID YOU NOT PLOAY GEARS 4 TO IT´S END?

What we saw in Gears 5 makes PERFECT scense(NO SJW crap and tomb raider vide) so stop crying and get ready for the
NEW QUEEN :fearful:

(SLyTaNicX) #197

well revival of locusts and turning in to swarm in my opinion is related to Trinity of the worms , because we know there are 2 other worms that still alive. and kantus worshiped them as god and they got their revival ability from one of those worms i guess.

and about the sires i think they were evolve during the time , because i believe marcus and dom didn’t kill all the sires in the tank. there is so much to discover about niles samson , maybe there is a another facility nobody knows about.

(III EnVii III) #198

Yeah I believe so.

They worked on the Lambent cure I think.

(ColonDee 52) #199

I must admit, when I initially found out that Kait was going to be the main character I was pretty furious. At this point I hadn’t beaten the Gears 4 campaign yet and I just felt like it was an absolutely ridiculous decision to just randomly change the main character in the middle of the new trilogy.

However, the next day when I finally beat the Gears 4 campaign (I actually really enjoyed it btw, despite having a very weak story), I am way more excited for Gears 5 now and I’m more than happy with Kait as the main character. I’m very excited to see where TC is going to be taking this story and I gotta say that I’m liking where it’s going so far.

(III EnVii III) #200

I think you should always wait until you have all the info.

Playing as Kait will have reasons and would make sense and that’s why TC did that :+1:

(shooter4600) #201

I thought the same as well personally I think that’ll be very interesting to see. I wanna see how the COG is dealing with this new threat. I just hope the COG is more of an ally fighting with COG soldiers and meeting new characters would be great. I just don’t want them to be a group of a-holes.

(xFribbo) #202

Can OP change the title of this thread, I’m not hating it’s just that it’s way too early to start judging, we’ve been given glimpses of the next game. Thanks.

(SuperStevie09) #203

that’s good to know. i always wondered how much the comics delve deeper into the stories or follow their own. how are the comics in gerneral? they worth picking up?

(SLyTaNicX) #204

i highly recommend you to get all of the comics includes the new Rise of Raam series ( which open the whole new perspective from locusts history) , these comics in my opinion are the best way to understand much more from gears of war universe and story , it will give you so much information. i also suggest , if you want to dive deeper in the gears universe and lore get all the gears of war book. it will worth it trust me.

(Pressure) #205

I think your being over critical because honestly Gears 4 was just…not that good. I really hope that Locust make a return and that Kait becomes the new queen. Gears isnt gears without a really strong protagonist leader such as queen Myrrah. In Gears 4 we never got the precense of fighting an enemy lesder like we have in past years. It was just some generic big blob at the end. Lets hope that TC is setting us up for a dynamic betrayal plot and new war to come (and a solid well tuned multiplayer).

Very excited for Gears 5!

(III EnVii III) #206

Exactly this - we’ve hardly seen anything yet …

(Merjan1) #207

Marcus and Dom were awesome. Kait doesn’t.

(Merjan1) #209

Gears of Feminism haha
I don’t want to play as Kait, neither against those extrange new creatures, I want the old style of Gears and the Locust/Swarm back.