Gears 5 is going in the wrong direction

I’m not gonna lie, I’m really disappointed. They’re going for a tomb raider vibe and that isn’t what gears is about. It’s about cutting up monsters with your lancer and a few buddies in a warzone, not going on some bull crap soul searching journey. 4’s story approach felt odd but understandable. You’re trying to find your people and do recon on a new threat. That makes sense. But trying to get answers about your family and exploring when there’s a war going on is completely ■■■■■■■■. It’s called Gears of War, for Christ’s sake. Not Gears of whatever the hell that crap was.


Yeah looks a bit odd doesn’t it, it’s shame when you see that 343 have gone back to the old halo art style which is what I was hoping for gears :slightly_frowning_face:


Marcus was trying to find answers about his father during Gears 1 to 3.
Dom was trying to find Maria during Gears 1 to 2.
Kait is trying to find answers during Gears 4 to 5+.


To me it seems it was going in the where the story needs to go, and honestly some of it looked terrifying to me. Every Gears campaign story have given us a deep journey searching for a loved one, or looking for answers. It felt right at home to be the next Gears chapter.


Marcus was focused on fighting the war. Every now and then he’d ask a question about his dad but that isn’t what drove him until 3, and even then that’s because Adam was trying to save the planet. This is just stupid.


So you are angry because it’s not a cookie cutter plot from the first 3 games.


This is my thinking, I myself like the direction their going.

Also OP, there is no war and the game is officially called Gears 5 (confirmed by Octus)


I’m upset that it’s more about exploring for answers than fighting a war. 1-3 was about fighting a war, not personal issues. There were personal issues but it wasn’t the entire focus of the game. It was about killing monsters to save humanity. 5 is about killing monsters and abandoning humanity because Kait wants to know more about her family.


Definitely, disagree. I thought the trailer and the game, in general, looks great! I honestly wasn’t expecting to be too hyped or impressed by a new Gears trailer but this did it. Definitely, want to see more of Gears 5 and Tactics.


I’m just happy with JDs new design & I’m gonna enjoy seeing if kait somehow ‘revives’ the horde & we can get new locust variants through her leadership.

I just really hope the gameplay is actually good that’s all I look for in games nowadays.

Gears 4 has very fun gameplay for me but obviously it has flaws but the game itself is still enjoyable so I hope I can say the same once 5 arrives


Looks like it has a bit more of a dark edge in some scenes presented. No one talking about that arm on JD? Looks like he is part locust/swarm.


Kait being the main character is a terrible decision.


Yeah, I agree, a series with five games out doesn’t need to evolve at all, staying exactly the same is how you make a great sixth entry.

Yeah, stick with JD. I don’t want to see more of the interesting character with the important backstory, I want the series to continue with the World’s Blandest Man.


There is absolutely nothing interesting about Kait and she’s possibly the most annoying of the new characters. This new JD actually looks a lot better too.


We’ve already had a war,

I’d rather have a story around this connection Kait has to the Locust chain around her neck.

Far more interesting than just needing to beat the bad guys …


Kait being main character in story is one of best decisions TC ever made, IMO.


This looks sick to me. The idea of playing as Kait, who seems to be the destined Locust Queen is amazing. The series has always been about soul-searching and family, so idk what you’re talking about there to be honest. It will still be brutal af and it looks like the creepy vibes are still there too.


I’m pretty nervous but confident.

Sounds like we’re FINALLY going to figure out the truth behind the Locust.

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We don’t always need a male protagonist. I’m glad they giving a female a chance for once.

Plus, where on earth would the story go, at least Kait has gone something to explore.


I found Gears 4’s campaign to be the weakest in the series, even more disappointing than Judgment. I have faith that the gameplay in Gears 5 will still be true to what made this franchise great, but to be honest I welcome a new direction. When you break down all the Gears campaigns it’s just going through door after door, corridor after corridor and although the action, story and environments can be really good I think it’s time to move on.