Gears 5 is extremely boring :(

Gears 5 is extremely boring. Let me start off by saying that I have been a long time KOTH player. I play that almost exclusively, along with some guardian thrown in here and there. I hate the new KOTH point changes. This game mode in my opinion has been destroyed. I play this game mode to play a very strict objective mode based on capturing a small territory…not by running around playing TDM.

For me it’s not about microtransactions. Yes there’s problems with the store and overpriced garbage. But the drip feed of content for me has far worse of an impact. I can’t play for hours on end anymore.

Not enough maps. Not enough game modes centering around an objective. I don’t care about FFA. Although I wouldn’t say it’s a pointless addition. I know many people who have been asking for a FFA. As a KOTH player I know how insanely bad the spawn system is… I’m afraid of this transpiring into FFA. If this comes out and the spawns are bad, I will shut it off and never play again. Many times have I spawned away from my team and right in front of the enemy. Takes me right out of the experience and infuriates people when this happens. If you can’t get it right in koth there’s just no possible way you’re gonna get the spawn system to work with FFA.

Maps are too small for 5v5. So many times you grab a power weapon when seemingly no one is around, and either the enemy spawns near you or has heard you anywhere near them…pick it up and boom dead before you got a chance to use it because now the whole team is chasing you from behind. There’s too many areas where enemies can get the drop on you and there’s just constant chaos everywhere with the enemy sometimes spawning in front, to the side and in back. To me this is stupid. It gets repetitive, and reduces skill because you are outnumbered on almost every engagement and enemies are almost EVERYWHERE you can go. I miss the days of 4v4 and better spawns. I was hoping gears 5 would be different and be bigger, and more creative.

Play style and weapon choice.same from one match to the next. Gnasher lancer. Same weapons we’ve been playing with since gears1. Same play style EVERY match. It’s incredibly boring. Every engagement is the same. Judge distance on gnasher. Misjudge or get the gib. Repeat…occasional lancer fire. There’s a lack of weapon choice In this game for loadouts. We should be able to use the hammerburst as a loadout rifle. In gears 6 we need to see more variety in the choice of bigger loadout customization. It’s boring as hell using the same weapons. I want to be able to switch up my play style and master different weapons and get better at using them. Once you’ve reached a certain playing time with the gnasher and you can do lots of different things with it it gets repetitive real fast. especially when we’ve been using the gnasher for how many years?

The tour of duty. There’s nothing to obtain at the end. This just makes me want to stop playing and wait for operation 2 and play then because I’m not earning anything for my game time. This coupled with previous gripes makes the game feel meaningless. If the game were a lot of fun. I’d play for fun. Lol. But the fun isn’t there. I love gears and I see the potential so I keep playing and I express myself through these forums so that hopefully something can change.

As of right now the game is Very very boring and repetitive…operation 2 doesn’t sound like it’s going to be as big as anyone rlly wants it to be(skins don’t entice me to play)The drip feeding of content in this game and many others is just rlly stupid IMO. 2 maps Every 3 months isn’t enough after playing the same ones over and over and over again. And adding gears 4 maps with no change is lazy. The whole game is a snore and bore for me.

Also everything gears 5 does that is new (character movement, flash grenades, many others) isn’t done well at all or isn’t incorporated into the game correctly IMO And everything that feels alright and is okay is done better in previous iterations. This is why you see many people playing gears 4 or going back to other games. What I’m saying is CHANGE is good. But everything that has been changed was done poorly. I think the community is open to change if it was better executed. As a result, I can see people simply disagreeing out of fear.


I take you point about the maps being too small for 5v5 should be 4v4 or even better, bigger maps!


Yeah, I feel like on some maps the spawns are really large. But that whole area isn’t utilized because it’s a spawn. Bunker gets close to those spawns with that ring near the left and right sides being utilized.

What I guess I’m trying to say is it’s not so much the size of the maps…they could be slightly bigger…but more of the map needs to be utilized too and taken into consideration when talking about size. So if they’re going to make them bigger. They need to make sure the maps areas are actually utilized. I was hoping gears 5 would expand on their arena type maps. I don’t think it would work with any of the current maps in this game because the mechanics of this game are just not right for it…but they’re also not mechanics right for gears 5 style maps either IMO character movement speed for example and running across a larger map for an objective.

For gears 6 it would be awesome to see a territory game mode in a larger map. 5v5 or 6v6. Capture a larger area of the map and hold it. And have KOTH remain as a game mode too in a smaller version of the map or on different maps. Like I said I would love to see this franchise GROW and expand. Do more with it. Right now it feels so outdated even as an arena shooter. IMO gears 5 is a lot of wasted potential.

bunker sucks-easily the worst map on gears 5.


Agreed. Just using it as a loose example.

There is so much to respond here but two things quick. One, I actually like the game however I cannot play for hours on end either. Gears 2 and 3 I could literally sit down after lunch and all of a sudden the sun is down. I can do maybe three KoThs max before I’m done now. And my other thing is on KoTH, my GOD the spawns are frustrating. You sometimes spawn right in front of the enemy, and almost everyone spawns too close to the hill. For real you wipe the entire team and they’re back on top of you maybe a second after capping. It’s TOO constant. Gears, IMO never needed to be played at light speed to be fun. In fact, I loved it BECAUSE it could be played effectively at a slower pace. I agree that if FFA is too much spawning on top of each other I won’t be able to play.

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This is hilarious because I feel like I’m bored for the exact same reason, well , mostly your game mode reasoning.

Preferred game modes aren’t satisfying to play 'cause of tuning, weapon spawns and map pool. I just feel like I have nothing to do as of late and what’s there can get pretty annoying very fast.

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I’m not bored, but rather dismayed and frustrated for similar reasons. The gameplay just isn’t fun to me… movement, lancer tuning, knife, messed up chainsaw operations, koth spawns (yeah, you kill enemy team and they attack you moments later with spawn protection on), map design (where you can cross majority of rings from multiple single locations!), barf…


I think man you’re on point on saying that… yes its correct its boring specially for the following circumstances:

  1. lack of maps .
  2. same monsters and robots… I don’t know why its so difficult to include more.
  3. lack of ammo on horde and overall… ( if there’s no ammo I dont see the point of playing the game)

starting with those 3 points… It makes a very boring experience as hell… fortunately I have stated such grievances with Ryan Clever I really hope they can’ fix such things so at least some people can have fun with the game. ( BEING HONEST I HAVEN’T HAD ANY FUN SINCE RELEASE).

Be it as it may I still play 4 and 3 , and still even though those are kind of old games I still have a blast.

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Twas for me… still mostly is solo… i think some is just gettin older for me…

But runnin ranked TDM and Guardian with Jekyll n them.has been a damn blast n i do not like TDM conceptually in gears lol or gears 5 guardian is my least fav version in GoW… Gears 2 was faaar more superior imo.

Grab a bud, a brewski, n break some people over ur knee! Lol

Whether i am.havin fun does not mean i do not feel the same about content, etc. I still have loads of issues with G5 haha

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