Gears 5 is circling the drain and TC is doing nothing

This game gets worse and worse every day. I’ve always been annoyed by it but literally almost every game has been a lag fest this evening. TC remains ever so silent. Microsoft should be embarrassed especially after being awarded a Pentagon contract that TC is making thier servers look like a pile of crap.

Only word I’ve seen from them is promoting stupid esports skins that literally no one is going to buy. Well maybe people who add brain dead to give TC even more money.




Ya unfortunately this is one of the thousands of threads and one of many issues that have been posted. TC will tell you it’s all working as intended that’s their favorite saying. TC is a disgrace to this franchise and don’t deserve it and the community is starting to fight back now more than ever. The population keeps shrinking day by day. Microsoft is just as much to blame for letting TC destroy this game. Only hope is a miracle to happen or another company takes over.

I tell people don’t buy anything discounted or not, keeping hitting them in the wallet because if not they will keep doing what they’ve been doing since gears 4 and that’s taking advantage of the community.

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I can tell you one person who likes to do just that and I think you know who Im talking about, bootlicker supreme lol


It’s sad that I’m suggesting the government should step in but there should be some law for gaming development.
"The product needs to be finished before it hits the market"
It sounds so redundant but in the last 10 years I’ve seen it happen more and more. I can list a series of games that were awful at launch and became pretty good 2 years later. It feels like it’s common practice in this business.

"Sell something that isn’t even finished. Isn’t that illegal?
“Turns out it’s only immoral”


Nope to the government. If they came in to take a serious look at gaming they will just find a way to ban or seriously regulate it and blame it for every violent act committed. The government is just as inept as TC.


Like I said “It’s sad I’m suggesting this” Cause I agree it would probably make things worse but something needs to be done. These greedy developers clearly can’t regulate themselves. If not for the amounts of money they make off microtransactions we probably would have had another atari crash by now. /looks at EA


TC can tell us that everything is working ok all they like. We are not stupid.
I’ve always come across players with high ping etc most nights I played any gears game. But it’s every single game I play on gears 5 that there’s more with high ping than low / normal.
The player base must be so low that anyone playing is just getting chucked into a busy server.

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“We will no longer surrender this community or its players to the false song of games as a service!”

And those ping numbers remind me of one of the many reasons I stopped playing. Horrible, just horrible. It’s also because the player base is clearly dying and has been since launch.


I’ve only stuck around because of horde. Lvling up the different classes has kept me occupied but every update brings new exploits/bugs(bleeding fences)
I tried getting into escape but can’t really enjoy it. most matches I find in custom are people just hauling ■■■ to the exit without actually fighting. The amount of times we die on the way, it would be quicker if we just flat out played.


It might be circling the drain for you…for many it is a fully flushed turd bobbing in the seas.

I swear my XB1 feels dirty having played this trash.


I absolutely loved Escape in the first 2 months of the game’s release but yeah, ever since most of the players who did enjoy it and were good at it stopped playing you’re left with all those speed running idiots who are just there for the cards. With the right people who know what they are doing and enjoy using advanced tactics, good and solid team work and put their characters to good use, Escape can be an amazing experience. But like I said, the player pool is so small now it’s hard to find people who know what they are doing and enjoy it instead of people who are just there for the cards, ToD and don’t really understand it or care for it at all.

It’s a shame because Escape is an original idea, can be really good and also has a lot of untapped potential left for Gears of War 6. I just hope there will be some more variety in terms of level design and enemy placement either doesn’t get reset after reloading a Hive (that way they can carefully place their enemies like you see in games like Dark Souls) or you can have and choose A, B and C versions of Hives. Or maybe enemy placement should change on the basis of difficulty level. And if TC introduces all the Locust from previous games into Escape and Horde it’s PvE Valhalla.

I’ve put 150+ hours in Escape and will be back for it in 6. 100% :slight_smile: There is enough room for improvement and ways to evolve the formula.

Id like to buy a vowel.

Your vowel is “A”

Half price is not so bad for half a game, and lets face it, it is half a game. Until it is fixed, it is only worth half its full price, discount any lower and you got a steal.
Gears 5 is losing its players, and even some of its fan base, the die hard’s are still here though, too stupid or too hung up on Gears to move on, or even say anything. “Its Gears… BUY IT !!!”
Micro Transactions are a pain, and yet as long as people keep buying, it will never go away.
Circling the drain. Definately.


You know the problem is always the same if nobody would buy ■■■■, they had to fix their stuff. But alot of people do buy stuff and that is the problem. I already seen so many people with this glitch weapon set it is insane.

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TC is responsible for the worst launch this series has every seen. To say this game has so far been a disappointment is an extreme understatement. However, some of you guys have the most bogus justification for the way you talk about/treat TC.

The reason every versus lobby is a laggy mess is because the population is non-existent. All TC can do to improve the player base is fix the game, but despite the real effort, people like you OP dismiss every honest attempt the make to solve or at the very least address issues. People say TC doesn’t care about this topic? It was one of the main things addressed in this weeks “what’s up”.

You guys, I’ll be the first to tell you TC missed many marks, and this game started off as an absolute joke. But everyone at TC’s livelihood is dependent on this game getting fixed, Microsoft will drop that studio like a bad habit if they ruin one of their flagship IP’s. I assure you, TC are taking fixing this game very seriously.


I really hope man that you are right @I_TRS_GEAR_I because either the players will be gone or the TC will be gone if this same situations doesn’t change at all.

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That is the funniest post I have seen on this forum! Ha ha! Come on T.C. Make Gears Playable Again!


The ultimate problem here isn’t TC, no, the problem is Gamepass. Gears is a console flagship much like Halo and Forza, so if you’re buying an Xbox you’ll most likely want to try these games. Microsoft going 3rd party the last few years has obviously changed their course of business, as seen with the anti-consumer service Gamepass. It’s all about player count on GAMEPASS, attach rate to any game on the service is irrelevant so it doesn’t matter how good or bad Gears 5 is, as long as the series is on Gamepass bringing in new subscribers every day, nobody cares about the quality of the game. If your game is on the service, you get a cut. Plain and simple. The only way to improve Gears 5? Stop playing it altogether and unsubscribe from Gamepass en masse.

…as a person who plays gears 5 on pc (Gamepad player) PC side of Rank is far worst. Since the majority of Gears players turned off crossplay… all i get are new players. finding a ranked game takes about 2-4 minutes, highest ive waited is 7minutes. its gotten to the point my freinds list wont even play with me …with the fear of playing against M/KB players… it sucks man…

i wish they added input matchmaking . im close to quitting the game also. @TC_Octus