Gears 5 is bad... For now!

Ok so, I know for people who feel like Gears of War 5 isn’t that bad are gonna be the keyboard warriors for this post, but just hear me out. I’ll be hopeful kind of like how I’m hopeful for the MonsterVerse. See Godzilla vs Kong in theaters 2020! So without further delay let’s get into the juicy details for what I would like to see come back to Gears of war 5.

I would say curb-stomping needs to be brought back, but it has been. It’s different or sure, not sure why they changed it but whatever :confused:

Chrome steel is a complete knock-off. Now I know for a fact Coalition has better taste! I mean, they brought us the Palace Guard, Then the Armoured Kantus, then the black steel palace guard and for ■■■■ sake, black steel armored Kantus. When this was in the making not only did I have no clue but I never thought that would come to be primarily because I thought something that cool was just to cool… you know what I mean? Most games never release content that ■■■■■■ DOPE! Now we stuck with this gay ■■■ chrome steel? I mean… The Coalition, how disappointing… Esports was better in Gears 4, so far. That could change

I do not doubt in my mind that stuff like the armored Kantus and ■■■■ will come back but the only question is, how long will we have to wait? I would argue that this three-month thing is the worst strategy for releasing content with today’s society being as demanding and impatient as it can be. 3 months though for just an update with a lot of new content although 80 percent of it will more than likely be ■■■■■■ pride banners, just isn’t worth the wait :confused:

Characters that need to return: Golden Hunter, Golden Miner, pretty much a lot of ■■■■ from Gears 2 and 3 especially the Cyclops!!! OMG YES!! CYCLOPS!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

Bring back the Arm rip, please

This might not happen in this game but it would be nice, You need to allow more flexibility with private matches dude… Also, you seriously need to bring back FFA. Not only would an FFA just be awesome but also you could be whatever species or character you wanted, with maybe a unique color for the lights and effects on your armor! in terms of private matches, you need to allow unlimited time limits in KOTH (as well as other game modes) and allow for people to start a game by themselves (without other AI’s or players) for practice as well and specify how many AI’s you want. Most games have this feature but lately, your gears games are not very flexible… and I don’t see the reason why… Oh, and also, if people are on the same team you still should be able to start it, you shouldn’t NEED and enemy. Just being to do small stuff like this would change custom game experience tenfold and would mean a lot.

Hit detection, why is it an issue?

This game feels like Judgement

This game is really slow-paced, even hyper bouncing is nowhere near as effective as it was in Gears 4.

Look, your “tour of duty” isn’t the greatest system. Not only am I limited to how much I can grind on it per-day, but I also have to do this boring-■■■ repetitive garbage just to get default skins? What a slap in the face… This stuff better be purchasable when the operation 1 is over. Because I am sure as hell not wasting my time just for some default ■■■■. HELL NO!!!

Finally, you added characters from halo into this game. Doesn’t surprise me but are you going to stop there? I always thought as Halo and gears as brothers… Will we get Thel 'Vadamee as a playable character in his classic Halo 2 armor? cause uh, that would be ■■■■■■ lit… Remastered of course. Like from H2A. The timing of this is kind of funny too considering Halo Reach is coming to MCC.

For the most part, I have high hopes for Gears 5, but I won’t be playing it for a while until things actually get going :frowning: I’ll make sure to log in every day though.

So, be nice lol, but what do you guys think? This is just a small list. I could add a lot more but for the sake of not writing a book these are some of my major concerns. Or rather things that need to change or happen in my opinion