Gears 5 Is Awful (Multiplayer

This game shouldn’t be able to be played right now, it is no where near ready for the general public, I get it’s still early access but it’s gonna take more then a weekend to solve the connection issues which this game has, I’m so glad I didn’t spend money on this disaster, I feel like the game play would be fine. But I haven’t had a proper chance to judge yet after playing the game for hours since it dropped on Thursday due to the awful services, TC have had years to work on this game. Company’s like Activision or Treyarch have around a year and a half and never have problems to such a severe extend as this game does with its multiplayer. I really do hope that it is fixed for those who spend there hard earned money to play, but in my opinion do not buy this game for at least a month or two if you are a multiplayer gears of war player, if you enjoy the campaign by all means go ahead, but personally I wouldn’t pay £60 to play a campaign despite how good it is. I hope this game excels I really do but as of now, it isn’t playable.

The game is just ■■■■■ in general - very little difference between g1 and g5 in campaign except jack.

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